Originally published by Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Astronomy.

Watch the Sky for the Comet Lemmon at Deep Creek Lake, MD

💫 Watch the Sky! Comet Lemmon is brightening quickly as it approaches a close pass of the earth this month, according to astronomy.com. The first half of November is the best time to catch comet H2 Lemmon. Currently flying beneath the curved handle of the Big Dipper, Lemmon is highest in the early-morning hours before sunrise. Skywatchers should step outside any time after about 5 A.M. while the sky is still dark. Look north, where you’ll see the Big Dipper standing upright on the end of its handle. Right where the handle kinks is the famous naked-eye double of Mizar and Alcor. From this pair, swing binoculars or a telescope about 6° south-southwest to land smack dab on Lemmon.