Garrett College Athletics to Host Summer Camp

Garrett Laker’s Baseball camp will run June 26 – 29, 2017, from 9am – 12pm, for ages 6-13. This camp will teach the basic fundamentals of the game of baseball. Hitting, fielding, throwing, bunting, base running, and sliding will be covered throughout the week. Games will be played every day and Baseball Olympics will be held on the last day of camp. Events include ground balls, radar gun, bunting contest, base running for time, throwing for accuracy, and a sunflower seed spitting contest. Participants are encouraged to bring the following: a baseball glove, tennis shoes and baseball cleats, baseball hat, and baseball bat if you have one. Daily breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt are included. The cost is $60.00 per camper. Additional information, including registration, can be found online at www.garrettlakers.com or by contacting Eric Hallenbeck, Head Baseball Coach at 301-387-3331 or eric.hallenbeck@garrettcollege.edu. 



GRMC Doctor Exemplifies Healthy Lifestyle

Cycling is an outdoor sport that has a lot of enthusiasts in Garrett County and the surrounding area.  Evidence can be seen in the annual Gran Fondo, which attracts a vast number of cyclists to Garrett County every year. Participants consist not only of Garrett County residents, but also riders from across the nation and abroad. 

The health benefits of cycling are well documented, as local Garrett Regional Medical Center physician Thomas Johnson, M.D., can attest.  Not only can Dr. Johnson speak to cycling’s benefits as a physician, but as a local cycling enthusiast who will be participating in the Gran Fondo scheduled to take place this weekend. 

“There’s no stronger medicine than exercise,” Dr. Johnson says. “Exercise is medicine and the best exercise is whatever you do routinely.  No matter what it is, if you do it habitually it’s good for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, joints, and weight - there are no negatives.”

Dr. Johnson cycles an average of 18 miles a day; however, for the ride this weekend he will complete 62 miles over an elevation change of 8,000 feet. And he’ll be joined by over 1000 riders.  Garrett County boasts some of the most superb and challenging cycling in the United States and the Garrett County Gran Fondo is known throughout the cycling community for the challenge and quality of the ride as well as the picturesque mountain scenery.

The Garrett County Gran Fondo is a great ride for all cyclists, from recreational riders to the most experienced.  The event consists of five supported ride options, from a beautiful “Garrett’s Greatest” 25 mile ride over a 3 mile climb to the “Diabolical Double,” the day’s feature event. The Diabolical Double is 125 miles long and includes 16,500 feet of climbing; Dr. Johnson completed this option twice.   The Gran Fondo’s various options are based on cycling experience and provide the opportunity for every cyclist to feel successful.

An important aspect of the Gran Fondo is the fact that it’s not a race, but instead an organized ride that makes each cyclist’s individual goal the focal point. 

“I like to have a goal in mind to prepare for so I can train accordingly,” notes Dr. Johnson. “To have done the ‘Diabolical Double’ is like a feather in the cap - you’re pushing yourself to your limits on that ride. Just to finish it is great, but to beat your personal best time is even better.  And that’s the great thing about cycling and about exercise in general – you can approach it in the way that works for you.”


Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Announces Board and Officers

Garrett County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the 2017/2018 Board of Directors and Officers.

The 2017/2018 Chamber Board of Directors includes Merlin Beitzel of Beitzel Corporation, Tim Bender of Byco Corporation, Mark Boucot of Garrett Regional Medical Center, Brian Branthoover of Halian & Associates Landscapes, Linda Carr of CLS Ventures, Inc.—The Lake-Front Magazine, Laura Fike of Garrett Mentors, Inc., Chris Fredlock of C&S Fredlock Funeral Home, P.A., Steve Green of High Mountain Sports,  Patty Manown Mash of Pine Lodge Steakhouse, Lisa Ratliff of Wisp Resort,  Phil Rodeheaver of My Bank! First United Bank & Trust, Jan Russell of Savage River Lodge and Steve Weeks of Simon Pearce. The Chamber Board of Directors was elected by the Chamber membership.

The 2017/2018 Board Officers were elected by the Chamber Board of Directors. The Board Officers are Jan Russell, Chair; Tim Bender, Vice Chair; Phil Rodeheaver, Treasurer; and Laura Fike, Secretary.

At the Annual Membership Meeting and Dinner last night, the Chamber thanked outgoing Board Chair, and retiring Board Member, Shane Grady of Boal & Associates, P.C. for his leadership of the Chamber for the past year. Retiring Board members, Jim Bailey of GCC Technologies and Judy Devlin of the Book Mark’et & Antique Mezzanine were also thanked for their service to the Chamber.

The 2017 Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner was sponsored by 20th Anniversary Sponsor: GCC Technologies, LLC, Gold Sponsors:  Clear Mountain Bank, Mountain Laurel Medical Center and Premier Power Solutions, LLC, Silver Sponsors:  First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union, Phenix Technologies, Inc., Rob Michael, State Farm Insurance Agent and Salt & Pepper Studios: Home of the Walking Gallery. 

The Chamber’s fiscal year begins July 1, 2017 and ends June 30, 2018.


Summer Safety Tips from GRMC Medical Associates of Grantsville

 School is out, vacations are booked and warm weather is right around the corner.  Because we care about your health and safety, Dr. Crable, from Medical Associates of Grantsville has put together a list of tips for a safe and happy summer.

Stay hydrated- Being hydrated is essential for good health and consuming water is necessary to keep a body functioning properly. This is especially important in the summer months when our bodies require an intake of more water to counteract the effects of warmer weather and higher humidity. It is recommended to drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.  To avoid dehydration be aware of the heat and temperature and modify your summer activities appropriately. 

Sun Safety and Protection- It’s natural to want to get out and enjoy the sun during warm summer days, but it should also be a priority to take steps to protect your skin from the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and other sources like tanning beds are the #1 cause of skin cancer.  Avoid consequences of overexposure to the sun like sunburns, premature again of the skin and damage to the eyes by practicing proper sun protection.  Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, wearing proper clothing, a wide –brimmed hat and sunglasses and limiting direct exposure to the sun are some tips to stay sun safe.

Summer Insect Safety- The warmer temperatures of summer mean more outdoor family time, but warmer temperatures are just as appealing to insects.  Most insect bites in the Garrett County area are irritating but otherwise harmless; however, some insects can transmit viruses and diseases. Ticks are also very prevalent in the area and can transmit Lyme disease, which can be treated if recognized early. To prevent bugs from biting avoid perfumes and scented soaps that can attract some insects, stay away from stagnant water and heavily wooded areas, dress appropriately if you plan to be in a wooded or grassy areas, and be conscious of the DEET concentrations that are used in insect repellants.

Outdoor Activity Safety- Children love playing outside in the summer time and the Garrett Region offers unlimited opportunities for outdoor recreation. At the playground make sure that all equipment has been carefully maintained, that children can’t reach any moving parts that may pinch or trap them and always supervise children on playground equipment.   To ensure bicycle safety a helmet should be worn at all times and should fit properly and be securely fastened.  

Finally, it’s recommended to always keep a first aid kit handy.  For a list of first aid kit contents from the American Red Cross, please visit www.redcross.org.

And for those problems the first aid kit can’t handle, Dr. Crable and the staff at Medical Associates of Grantsville Urgent Care are able to provide excellent, patient-centered care at the state-of-the-art urgent care center seven days a week. The office can be reached at 301-895-8750, or visit us at 32 Corporate Drive, Grantsville, MD. Walk-ins are welcome.



Nancy Railey Announced as 2017 Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Winner

 The winner of the 2017 Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award was announced at the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner held Thursday, June 8 in the Agriculture Heritage Hall at the Garrett County Fairgrounds in McHenry. Martin Heise made the presentation to this year’s winner, Nancy Railey of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations and Railey Design Center.

After graduating from Garrett College, Nancy Railey planted roots and began a family in Garrett County in the 1980s. Nancy took $300, and an idea for renting family cabins, and turned it into a family business that later became Railey Mountain Lake Vacations, one of the largest vacation rental companies in Garrett County.

Nancy became sole owner of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations in 2007. Serving over 90,000 guests through their doors each year, and employing thousands of people over the years, Railey Mountain Lake Vacations has provided over $40 million dollars to the county over 35 years of service. And Nancy has not stopped innovating or growing her hospitality brand. She also created a property services division of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations, expanded from vacation homes to the property management of two lakefront condo hotels -  the Suites at Silver Tree and Will o’the Wisp Resort - and founded the Railey Design Center, specializing in interior design for vacation rental and second homes. 

Nancy and Railey Mountain Lake Vacations sponsor numerous events in the county each year including the annual Autumn Glory Festival, Fire on the Mountain July 4th Fireworks Display, the 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships and the Savageman Triathlon, among others. 

Along with sponsoring events, Nancy has also led to the creation of one of the area’s most successful events, the Garrett County Gran Fondo. She single-handedly convinced Greg Safko to create the Garrett County Gran Fondo and was a founding volunteer on the planning committee. Now a successful fundraising event managed by Garrett Trails, the Garrett County Gran Fondo brings thousands of racers to the area in June with the proceeds benefitting the area’s hiking and biking trails.

Nancy has served on the board of Adventure Sports Center International and the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce and on the committees for the 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships and Chamber’s Marketing Roundtable. Nancy supports local charities and causes year after year, including the Garrett County Humane Society and HART for Animals. Nancy’s innovation, leadership and investments have helped to drive the tourism industry in Garrett County.

“I am very excited to see Nancy receive the 2017 Heise Award and be recognized for her business achievements,” said Nicole Christian, Chamber President & CEO. “Nancy is the embodiment of entrepreneurship. Her perseverance and determination, combined with her devotion to this community, are the bases for Nancy’s success. And we are fortunate that Nancy has parlayed that success into numerous contributions to our community. Congratulations Nancy and thank you.”

The Heise award criteria states eligible nominees are “business owners including partners/families that originated, developed, and/or significantly expanded their business.”

Additional criteria for this award includes: having a willingness to take risks with the possibility of losing all, being involved in the community, having high ethical standards, being a member of the Chamber of Commerce and having demonstrated leadership (through one or more of the following):

·         By overcoming a formidable problem that threatened the business’s existence

·         By showing business acumen through embarking on a creative, insightful or overlooked opportunity that makes important contributions to Garrett County’s business environment

·         Through substantive community impact

The Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Committee, comprised of previous winners, recommends finalists and a winner to the Chamber Board of Directors. The Board makes the final determination on the winner. The other nominees for 2017 were: Jim & Shirley Bailey, GCC Technologies, LLC; Don Brenneman, Beitzel Corporation;  Mike Koch & Pablo Solanet, Firefly Farms; and Stuart Thayer, Jr of Sunrise Sanitation Services, Inc.

Past honorees include Jonathan “Smiley” Kessler; Bill Sisler; Olen Beitzel; Johnny Marple; Jim Flanigan, Sr.; Will and Sharon Roszell; Barry Rush; Rob Michael; Dave & Mimi Demaree; Brenda McDonnell; Bill Meagher; Michael Deligatti, Sr.; Jan Russell; Frank Vitéz; Judy Devlin; Skip and Linda Carr; Brian Branthoover and Rob Heilig.

The 2017 Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner was sponsored by 20th Anniversary Sponsor: GCC Technologies, LLC, Gold Sponsors:  Clear Mountain Bank, Mountain Laurel Medical Center and Premier Power Solutions, LLC; and Silver Sponsors:  First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union, Phenix Technologies, Inc., Rob Michael, State Farm Insurance Agent and Salt & Pepper Studios: Home of the Walking Gallery.

Brenda McDonnell Announced as 2016/2017 Chamber Volunteer of the Year

The winner of the 2016-2017 Volunteer of the Year award was announced at the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner, held Thursday, June 8 in the Ag Heritage Hall at the Garrett County Fairgrounds. Jan Russell, Incoming Chair of the Board of the Chamber, made the presentation to this year’s winner, Brenda McDonnell of Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub, Brenda’s Pizzeria and Traders Coffee House.

Brenda McDonnell has served on the Chamber’s Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award committee and Legislative Affairs Committee. She has also attended nearly every Chamber HR Roundtable meeting since the inception of the program in 2016.

Brenda has worked tirelessly in her fight for small businesses in Garrett County and throughout the state. She has made calls, sent emails, provided written testimony and repeatedly traveled to Annapolis where she has testified in front of committees all for the purpose of communicating the needs of small businesses to state legislators. Each time Brenda received a Call to Action from the Chamber, she promptly responded and inspired her staff, colleagues and friends to answer the call as well, teaching them how important their voice is in shaping policy and laws. 

“We are delighted to present Brenda McDonnell with the Volunteer of the Year Award as a token of our appreciation for all of the hours she has spent helping the Chamber and Maryland’s small businesses,” said Shane Grady, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

“Brenda’s dedication and commitment in supporting Garrett County’s small businesses has been extraordinary,” said Nicole Christian, President & CEO of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce. “We thank her for all of her hard work over the past year.”

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually to an individual member who has provided outstanding service to the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce for a particular program year. Brenda was selected from the more than 100 volunteers who help support the Chamber each year.  2011’s inaugural Volunteer of the Year was Bill Meagher of Lakeside Creamery, the 2012 Volunteer of the Year was Bob Carney of Long & Foster, the 2013 Volunteer of the Year was Jim Christie of Thrasher Engineering,  the 2014 Volunteer of the Year was the Branding Study Advisory Committee comprised of Leigh Clarke, Emily Newman Edwards, Jonathan “Smiley” Kessler, Clint McCabe, Paula Yudelevit and designers, Mark & Laura Stutzman, the 2015 Volunteer of the Year was Sarena Rodeheaver of First United Bank & Trust and the 2016 Volunteer of the Year was Jeremy Bittner of Railey Mountain Lake Vacations, Will o’the Wisp Resort and the Suites at Silver Tree.

The 2017 Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner was sponsored by 20th Anniversary Sponsor: GCC Technologies, LLC, Gold Sponsors:  Clear Mountain Bank, Mountain Laurel Medical Center and Premier Power Solutions, LLC; and Silver Sponsors:  First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union, Phenix Technologies, Inc., Rob Michael, State Farm Insurance Agent and Salt & Pepper Studios: Home of the Walking Gallery.

Patty Manown Mash Announced as 2017 Chamber Diplomat of the Year

 The winner of the 2017 Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Diplomat of the Year award was announced at the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner, held Thursday, June 8 in the Ag Heritage Hall at the Garrett County Fairgrounds. Jan Russell, incoming Chair of the Board of the Chamber, made the presentation to this year’s winner, Patty Manown Mash of Pine Lodge Steakhouse. 

As a Chamber Diplomat, Patty attended 7 out of 10 Business After Hours, 3 out of 6 Business Before Hours, 16 out of 24 Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, 4 out of 6 Diplomat meetings, and helped in the distribution of the Community Profile & Membership Directories, achieving a total of 201 points.

“Patty is an exemplary ambassador of the Chamber and our community,” said Nicole Christian, Chamber President & CEO. “Patty truly enjoys being a Diplomat and we cannot thank her enough for the time she gives and the encouragement and support she shows to the business community.”

The Diplomats act as greeters at Chamber events, deliver new member packets, deliver membership directories, participate in new member orientations, attend Ribbon Cuttings/Grand Openings/Ground Breakings and present First Dollar of Profit certificates to new businesses.

The Diplomat must be employed by a Chamber Member or the owner of a member business, must have been a chamber member for at least one year and employed with their business for at least  6 months.

The Diplomat of the Year is determined through a points system given for membership packet distribution, Business After Hours Attendance, Business Before Hours Attendance, Diplomat meeting attendance, Ribbon Cuttings, Ground Breakings, Grand Opening & First Dollar of Profit Presentation Attendance, Recruiting New Members and Distribution of the Community Profile & Membership Directory.

This is the second consecutive year that Patty has been honored with this award.



Garrett Regional Medical Center, a Proud Affiliate of WVU Medicine and the American Cancer Society will hold the next Look Good…Feel Better workshop on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 from 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm at Garrett Regional Medical Center Lower Level. The workshop is for individuals currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

 Look Good…Feel Better is a national public service program dedicated to teaching women and teen-age cancer patients the techniques to help restore their appearance and self-image, and how to deal with the sociological side effects they experience during treatment. Volunteer cosmetologists help with the workshop that includes a 12-step skin and makeup program. Cosmetics for the program are free of charge, courtesy of the American Cancer Society, The Cosmetics, Toiletry & Fragrance Association Foundation and the National Cosmetics Association.

The program is offered free of charge and each participant receives a complimentary make up kit valued at $250. For those who cannot attend a workshop self-help materials including a video and instructional booklet are available. Pre registration is required. To register or obtain more information contact Bev Rasel at (301) 533-4366 or Gina Artice, RN, Cancer Patient Navigator at (301) 533-4133.

“Make a Book” Workshop for Young Writers at the Oakland Library

Young writers between the ages of 8 –12 are invited to participate in a free “Make a Book” workshop at the Oakland Library on Thursday, June 15 from 2 – 4 p.m. The attendees will write, illustrate, and bind a book in this fun two-hour workshop sponsored by the Nora Roberts Foundation, the Allegany Arts Council, and the Center for Literary Arts. All materials will be provided. Pre-registration is required, and seating is limited to 10 spaces. To sign up, contact Julie at 301-334-3996 extension 0104 or julie@relib.net.

A listing of events and services at the Ruth Enlow Library is available on the website at www.relib.net. Follow the library on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RuthEnlowLibrary.

WVU Heart and Vascular Institute expands offerings at Garrett Regional Medical Center

 Patients in the Oakland, Md., region who once had to travel out of town or even out of state for heart and vascular services can now be seen close to home by experts from the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, thanks to the affiliation with Garrett Regional Medical Center.

Recently, vascular surgeon Pamela Zimmerman, M.D., associate professor of surgery and director of the noninvasive vascular laboratory at WVU Medicine J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, joined the roster of providers traveling to Oakland to see patients, and later this summer, Ghulam Abbas, M.D., chief of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute and director of surgical thoracic oncology at the WVU Cancer Institute’s Mary Babb Randolph Cancer, will join as well.

Last September, Luke Marone, M.D., professor and chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery, and Jonathan Lanham, M.D., assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Cardiology, began seeing patients at the clinic, located at 13079 Garrett Highway in Oakland.

“We are very pleased with the partnership we established with the outstanding physicians at Garrett Regional Medical Center last year, and we are honored that the demand has been such that it has required the expansion of our offered services in Oakland,” Vinay Badhwar, M.D., executive chair of the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, said. “We look forward to further growing this partnership and continuing to provide the Garrett region of Western Maryland with unprecedented access to advanced heart and vascular therapies.”

Vascular surgeons treat conditions of poor circulation in the blood vessels, assisting with inadequate blood flow problems of the veins and arteries in all parts of the body, except the brain and the heart. Some of the conditions a vascular surgeon treats include abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid arterial disease, peripheral arterial disease, and varicose veins.

Dr. Zimmerman is board certified in surgery and vascular surgery. After receiving her medical degree from the East Carolina University School of Medicine, she completed a surgical residency at the State University of New York Upstate University Hospital and a vascular surgery fellowship at Kaleida Health in Buffalo, New York. She joined the WVU faculty in 2006.

Thoracic surgeons treat conditions of the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs, including lung and esophageal cancer; gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD); Barrett’s esophagus; chest wall and mediastinal tumors; swallowing disorders, such as achalasia; mesothelioma; severe emphysema; hiatal hernias; and pleural diseases.

Dr. Abbas completed his residency training at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York and fellowship training in cardiothoracic surgery at Rush University Medical Center. He subsequently obtained advanced training in minimally invasive lung and esophageal surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. In 2013, he received his master’s degree in healthcare management from Harvard University. He is internationally recognized for robotic lung sparing surgery for lung cancer and minimally invasive esophagectomy for esophageal cancer. He joined the WVU faculty earlier this year.

“The affiliation with WVU Medicine has been terrific for the community. We are so pleased to have cardiology and vascular services so that people don’t have to travel for academic medical center level of services. Our new doctors are excellent,” stated Mark Boucot, president and CEO of Garrett Regional Medical Center.

The clinic is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, call 844-424-0411.

For more information on the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute, visit www.mywvuheart.com. 

 Five Vegetable and Five Ornamental Diseases to be offered at GC’s Northern Outreach Center

Garrett College in coordination with the University of Maryland Extension is sponsoring a one-session course, Five Vegetable and Five Ornamental Diseases, at the College’s Northern Outreach Center in Grantsville. The class will be held on Wednesday, June 14, 1-3 p.m. 

Every year is a challenge because of weather stress, disease problems, and insect pressure.  Take this course to learn about five diseases that plague the vegetable garden and how to treat them. Five diseases that affect ornamentals will also be discussed.

The course is being instructed by Ashley Bodkins who received her B.S. degree in Agronomy from WVU and an A.A. degree in Horticulture from Potomac State College. She works for the University of Maryland Extension where she answers home horticulture questions and coordinates the Maryland Master Gardener Program for Garrett County. The University of Maryland Extension programs are open to any person and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, political affiliation, and gender identity or expression. Anyone with a disability that requires special assistance for participation in the program should contact the extension office at 301-334-6960.

For more information on this course persons may contact Terry Beachy at 301-895-4700 or terry.beachy@garrettcollege.edu. To register for the course, contact Garrett College Continuing Education & Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.



Public Meeting Notice

The Board of County Commissioners will host a public signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Garrett County Government, the Maryland Department of the Environment and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Friday, June 9, 2017, beginning at 10 a.m. in the Garrett County Courthouse Public Meeting Room.

The MOU establishes a cooperative partnership engaged in the implementation of the recommendations outlined in the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan.

The meeting will begin with introductions of our esteemed guests including Maryland Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton, Environment Secretary Ben Grumbles, and the Garrett County Commissioners.
Following that there will be a presentation of the Administrative Council. The council is the structure outlined in the MOU with representation from each of the agencies in the partnership. The presentation will focus on introducing the council, describing the function of the council and outlining the public engagement process. Immediately following the presentation, the MOU will be signed by each agency.

Pickleball June Schedule Announced

Pickleball enthusiasts combine efforts with the Continuing Education and Workforce Development division of Garrett College to offer instruction and playing time of this rapidly growing sport.  Pickleball is played at the Oakland Community Center gym (old armory) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. beginning on June 2. The Garrett College Community Aquatic & Recreation Complex (CARC) will continue to offer play times on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. For playing times at the CARC, contact 301-387-3786 or visit online at www.gccarc.com.

Pickleball combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping pong and is played with paddles and a plastic ball, similar to a whiffle ball. Equipment, techniques, and rules of the games will be discussed while participants experience a new way to work out and meet new people. Tennis shoes are required but all other equipment will be included.

For additional information or to register, persons may contact Garrett College Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.

Mountain Maryland Tech Network Hosting Small Business Assistance Forum on June 16

The Mountain Maryland Tech Network (MMTN), a new regional organization formed to support and engage technology professionals and entrepreneurs in Western Maryland, has announced plans to hold a small business funding event on June 16. Formally titled “Funding from Angels, The Feds and More: A Small Business Assistance Forum,” the event runs from 9 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. at the Bridge of Life Conference Center in Hagerstown, includes a networking breakfast and lunch, costs $25 per attendee and is perfect for any current or prospective entrepreneur seeking to fund and grow a successful technology business in Western Maryland.

With a rotating schedule of events throughout the Western Maryland area, MMTN hopes to engage and support those in the technology sector and further drive collaboration, business formation, community and enterprise success and job creation.  The June 16 event will provide attendees an up-close opportunity to learn more about how to support and fund small business ventures through presentations, panel discussions and networking.


Speakers and panelists include specialists from the Federal Lab Consortium, Federal, state and regional funding organizations, and angel investors active in the tech industry. Event partners include: National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Standards and Technology, United States Department of Agriculture, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), National Security Agency, Mid Atlantic Angels, Mountain Maryland Angel Investment Group, Kapor Capital, Department of Commerce, Department of Housing and Community Development, Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS), National Community Investment Fund, Appalachian Regional Commission, and the Small Business Administration. Event sponsors include: Federal Lab Consortium, Miles & Stockbridge, Bridge of Life Conference Center, and Tri County Council for Western Maryland.

Sponsors for this event include: Federal Lab Consortium, Miles & Stockbridge, Bridge of Life Conference Center, and Tri County Council for Western Maryland. Janice Riley, Director of the Technical Innovation Center at Hagerstown Community College, the local host for the event, stated, “The program will provide attendees with a systematic palette of funding and growth options available to the region’s tech community.  The program will cover some perhaps little known, yet powerful, programs and practices available to organizations to build technical offer-sets and fund growth.”

“The MMTN is all about developing our regional tech ecosystem through collaboration, knowledge and action and the program we have will certainly advance our efforts and those of individuals seeking to learn more about funding opportunities and the numerous programs available to advance tech growth,” stated Mike Tumbarello, Director of the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Founded as a result of a collaborative effort between four institutions of higher learning in Western Maryland (Garrett College’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation/Garrett Information Enterprise Center - GIEC, Frostburg State University, Allegany College of Maryland’s Western Maryland IT Center of Excellence and Hagerstown Community College’s Technical Innovation Center) the MMTN provides practical, actionable connections and information to potential, new or existing technology business owners, managers and technologists. To register go to Event Brite or the MMTN Facebook page. For more information about the event, contact Janice Riley at the Technical Innovation Center. Janice can be reached at jiriley@hagerstowncc.edu or 240-500-2479.

Heritage Quilters Work on Display for Survivors Day

Garrett Regional Medical Center, a proud affiliate of WVU Medicine, will celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day in conjunction with a presentation June 2nd honoring a series of quilts that have been donated to the WVU Cancer Institute, James and Shirley Bailey Regional Cancer Center. National Cancer Survivors Day is an event to celebrate life and a gathering to honor and support those who have been touched by cancer.  Hospital staff and community members will join cancer survivors and their families for a bell ringing ceremony at 9:00 am in the main lobby of the hospital.

On display during the ceremony will be a series of Healing Quilts created and donated by The Heritage Quilters of Garrett County. This group challenged themselves to design and make quilt art representing the plants and animals that supply the therapeutic materials used to treat a variety of cancers. The quilts will be hung in the WVU Cancer Institute, James and Shirley Bailey Regional Cancer Center for the enjoyment of patients. The Heritage Quilters hope that their designs are not only decorative and informative, but also that they will bring comfort to cancer patients and their families.

The idea for the Healing Quilts in Medicine Project was created by quilt artist and cancer patient Judy House.  During her nine year battle with cancer, she led a group of 37 contemporary quilters from all over the country, who were creating quilt art based on the plants and animals that were used in chemotherapies and cancer treatment.

 “The WVU Cancer Institute, James and Shirley Bailey Regional Cancer Center at GRMC is honored to accept these healing quilts. These quilts will provide hope and comfort to our patients while they are receiving treatment,” said Mark Boucot, GRMC president and CEO. “These beautiful quilts will help to make our cancer center a brighter, more inviting space that promotes the well being of our patients and their families.”

The Heritage Quilters meet at Garrett College on the second Tuesday of the month, March through December, at 7:00 p.m. They welcome new and experienced quilters to join.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held for Gourmet and More: Schoolhouse Earth Sister Store

 On Wednesday, May 17 a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the grand opening of Gourmet and More: Schoolhouse Earth Sister Store in McHenry.

Senator George Edwards and Commissioner Paul Edwards both gave their congratulations on the new venture and Chamber President Nicole Christian presented owner Stephen Rodeheaver with a First Dollar of Profit certificate.

"We are looking forward to our new endeavor in meeting new clientele and seeing our already great customers and friends at the lake,” said owner Stephen Rodeheaver.

“On behalf of the Garrett County Chamber, I congratulate Stephen and his team on their new venture,” said Nicole Christian, Chamber President & CEO. “Schoolhouse Earth is a wonderful attraction in Garrett County and we are delighted that the sister store has opened here in McHenry. We wish Stephen and his team much success and thank them for their investment in Garrett County.”

Familiarization Tour for County Hospitality Workers on June 14

Garrett College is offering a Familiarization Tour on Wednesday, June 14 as part of its new Hospitality Program. The tour is open to all area front-line and management employees, both permanent and seasonal, that work in the hospitality industry including: servers, receptionists, hosts, guides, agents, clerks and managers seeking to better understand the County’s rich offerings for visitors and locals alike.

The tour will include a visit to Oakland to participate in its “Wonderful Wednesdays” program including visits to the B&O train station, other museums, and the Farmer’s Market pavilion.  Additional venues scheduled on the tour include: Swallow Falls State Park, Deep Creek Lake State Park and Nature Center, Casselman Bridge, the Artisan Village in Grantsville and other locations that help make Garrett County a great place to visit and live.

“The goal of our new Hospitality Program is to meet the needs of those organizations in our County that serve the public, so that customer facing employees deliver world-class experiences to visitors and locals.  The Familiarization Tour will help expose customer-facing employees to a variety of destinations and attractions in the County.  Better informed and educated employees mean a better experience for customers and a continued strong brand for the County’s hospitality sector,” stated Mike Tumbarello, Program Director.

The tour will be led by Jen Durbin, Heritage Area and Groups Director of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, with attendance limited to 12 registrants.  The fee for the FAM Tour is $50 per person, which includes transportation, admissions fees and a lunch.  The tour will begin at the GIEC building on the Garrett College campus at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, June 14 and will conclude by 4 p.m., with exact venues and times subject to the final schedule and availability.

To register or for additional information, interested individuals should contact the College’s Continuing Education and Workforce Development office at 301-387.3069. Questions may also be directed to Mike Tumbarello at 301-387-3167 or mike.tumbarello@garrettcollege.edu.


GRMC Celebrates National Survivors Day and Honors Bailey Family

Garrett Regional Medical Center, a proud affiliate of WVU Medicine, will celebrate National Cancer Survivors Day in conjunction with the naming dedication of the James and Shirley Bailey Regional Cancer Center on June 2nd. National Cancer Survivors Day is an event to celebrate life and a gathering to honor and support those who have been touched by cancer.  Hospital staff and community members will join cancer survivors and their families for a bell ringing ceremony as well as a ribbon cutting honoring the generous donation of James and Shirley Bailey, for whom the Cancer Center is named. The celebrations start at 9:00 am in the main lobby of the hospital. Attendees will be treated to coffee and doughnuts by Bill Meagher, owner of Deep Creek Doughnuts.

“GRMC and this community are so fortunate for the support that is has received from James and Shirley Bailey, of GCC Technologies, LLC,” said Mark Boucot, GRMC president and CEO. “Their gift has enabled us to open and expand a center that was desperately needed in this area.  It’s their contribution, in part, that allows us to hold this celebration of life and honor those who are in remission from cancer.”

James and Shirley Bailey’s gift sponsored the adjunctive therapy infusion room in the Cancer Center.  The adjunctive therapy room gives cancer patients a peaceful setting for guided imagery, relaxation, massage, aromatherapy and other services to assist in pain control, relaxation, and healing.  These therapies have been proven to assist cancer patients with the medication treatment regimens and healing. 

“Life after cancer is more than just surviving. It can be beautiful, abundant, and fulfilling. And that’s something to celebrate,” says Gina Artice, GRMC cancer patient care navigator. “This celebration will be filled with joy, hope, camaraderie, and compassion as we acknowledge our community’s cancer survivors. We will also recognize the contributions of their families, friends, and healthcare providers and raise awareness of the ongoing challenges faced by cancer survivors today.”

Anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life – is a cancer survivor, according to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. In the United States alone, there are more than 15.5 million people living with a history of cancer.

“Major advances in cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment have resulted in longer survival, and therefore, a growing number of cancer survivors. However, a cancer diagnosis can leave a host of problems in its wake. Physical, financial, and emotional hardships often persist for years after diagnosis and treatment,” explained Boucot. “Survivors may face many challenges, such as limited access to cancer specialists and promising new treatments, inadequate or no health insurance, financial hardships, difficulty finding employment, psychosocial struggles, and a lack of understanding from family and friends. Our hope is that the WVU Cancer Institute, James and Shirley Bailey Regional Cancer Center, makes all the problems associated with cancer care easier to bear. Together GRMC and generous donors like the Bailey’s can focus on improving the quality of life for cancer survivors.

Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary at their annual Membership Meeting and Dinner on Thursday, June 8, 2017 in the Agriculture Heritage Hall at the Garrett County Fairgrounds in McHenry and catered by Dutch’s at Silver Tree.

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, which began as the Mt. Top Chamber of Commerce in 1952, merged with the Garrett County/Deep Creek Lake Promotion Council in 1997. 2017 marks the 65th anniversary of the Chamber and the 20th anniversary of the organization as it exists today.

Since the two organizations merged, the Chamber has partnered with the County to build the Visitors Center in McHenry, launched the Art & Wine Festival and Garrett Trails, and assisted with the 2014 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships.

Jerry Geisler, General Manager of Wisp Resort, former chair of the Chamber Board and president of the Promotion Council at the time of the merger, said the merger brought business leaders together in a mutually beneficial partnership. “For the first time, business sectors from agriculture to timber and manufacturing worked in unison with tourism-based businesses to drive economic development in Garrett County.

Additional accomplishments include:

·        Partnered with economic development to create “The Deep Creek Experience” – the countywide brand promoting attractions and businesses throughout the County

·        Garnered certification of the Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area

·        Supported the Savage Man Triathlon and Gran Fondo

·        Created the annual Fire on the Mountain 4th of July Fireworks display

·        Successfully advocated for a Post Labor Day Start for Maryland Public Schools

·        Launched the Business Before Hours breakfast programs

·        Created the annual Business & Industry Appreciation program in partnership with Economic Development

·        Created the HR Roundtable

·        Advocated for business and tourism issues in Annapolis and D.C.

·        Launched new websites, apps, social media presence on several platforms and online calendar of events

·        Established an initiative to attract groups/tours and weddings

·        Hosted the 90th Anniversary of Deep Creek Lake

·        Created Fall Foliage Driving Tours

·        Created annual Activities Guide

·        Established the Garrett County Diplomats

·        Developed Tourism Economic Impact Study

“Over the course of the past 20 years, the Chamber has been responsible for events, promotional campaigns and advocacy efforts that benefit businesses in all sectors of the local economy,” said Nicole Christian, president & CEO. “I am honored to be at the helm of such a robust and impactful organization. I extend my deepest gratitude to the leaders who came before me and helped create a solid foundation on which to grow.”

Tourism is an economic engine for Garrett County generating nearly a $347 million annual economic impact. Since 2010, tourism has experienced record growth in Garrett County and is outpacing other premier destinations in Maryland. The Chamber credits their aggressive marketing strategies including concentrated efforts and innovative ideas with attracting more visitors and growing the industry. The Chamber places great emphasis on staying attuned to what is happening in the tourism industry and how to remain competitive.

“While I have only been here for the past seven years, I am proud of what this organization has accomplished in such a short amount of time and excited about what the future holds,” said Christian. “Through collaboration with our partners and community leaders, I believe that the Chamber will help guide Garrett County into the next phase of growth and development.

The Chamber’s annual Membership Meeting and Dinner is a great opportunity to network with Chamber members, county business leaders and government officials while enjoying a wonderful dinner. The evening will include hosted beer and wine & light hors d’oeuvres at 6:00 p.m. Dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. The program will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will feature the announcement of the Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award winner, Volunteer of the Year Award winner, Diplomat of the Year award and introduction of new Chamber Board Members.

Ticket cost is $60.00 (or $70 after May 26, 2017) and reserved seating for 6 is available for $360 (or $420 after May 26). Reservations are required as limited tickets are available. The deadline for registration is Friday, June 2, 2017; register online at visitdeepcreek.com or by calling Holly Lane at 301.387.6171.

The dinner is sponsored by 20th Anniversary Sponsor: GCC Technologies, LLC, Gold Sponsors:  Clear Mountain Bank, Mountain Laurel Medical Center and Premier Power Solutions, LLC; Silver Sponsors:  First Peoples Community Federal Credit Union, Phenix Technologies, Inc., Rob Michael, State Farm Insurance Agent and Salt & Pepper Studios: Home of the Walking Gallery; Centerpiece Sponsor: First United Bank and Trust; and Bronze Sponsors: Act Personnel Services, Inc., Frostburg State University and WEPCO Federal Credit Union.   

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce is the largest professional business association in the region with 600 members representing every industry in the community.  The mission of the Chamber is to organize, support and represent Garrett County’s business community in advancing common interests and additionally to promote Garrett County’s hospitality and recreation industry by attracting visitors to the county through comprehensive marketing.


End of the Line Books  Now open for 2017 Season
Most Books priced $1 or Less

The End of the Line Bookstore is now open for the 2017 season.  End of the Line Books is a not for profit, used bookstore located in the boxcar at the B&O Railway Station East Liberty Street in Oakland, MD.  The bookstore is open now through October 7th on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 AM – 3 PM.


Featuring a full range of novels including current and past current fiction, classics, science fiction, mysteries and romance, End of the Line Books features something for everyone.  Non-fiction books available include history, current events, economics, sports, nature, religion, psychology and self-help books as well as books on home repair, gardening, cooking and more. Children will love the great selection of chapter books, picture books, ones for beginning readers and books to help home schooling families.


You’ll also find a nice selection of reference books and some large print books.  Depending on donations, the bookstore will occasionally feature audio books, CD’s, videos, DVD’s, puzzles and games.  No book costs more than $1.00 and many are less.


The bookstore was started as a way to solve the problem of too little space for book donations to be sold at the local library.  Originated by the recently deceased Marilyn Moors, then president of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Elizabeth Huxford of the local Girl Scouts, along with former Oakland Mayor Asa McCain,  End of the Line Books has been recycling books and offering them for re-sale since 2004.


Patrons will notice new signage at the bookstore for this year.  In a cooperative effort between the Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area, the Town of Oakland and the Garrett Branch of AAUW, new signs were commissioned and produced by Deer Park Signs including a permanent sign at the end of the boxcar.  New promotional literature was also produced highlighting all the historical sites in what is known as Heritage Square in downtown Oakland.


Proceeds from the bookstore go to two organizations.  Girl Scout Troop 55004 serves girls from Brownies through Seniors from six schools throughout Garrett County.   In an effort to serve the community, they have donated thousands of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to local charities and soldiers overseas.  Through their accomplishments they have achieved the highest award a Girl Scout can receive, the Gold Award.  Donations from End of the Line books help fund their activities and service projects.


The Garrett branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) is the second recipient of funds from the bookstore.  Locally, AAUW provides over $3,000 in scholarships to area women each year which can be used to purchase textbooks, pay toward tuition and more   AAUW is also the sponsoring organization for the newly formed Girls Empowerment Middle School (GEMS) Project.  “AAUW has been working for the past year to develop this mentoring program for middle school girls, specifically 7th graders, which we all remember as being a difficult time in our lives,” stated Linda Carr, Vice-President of AAUW and Mentoring Chairperson.  The program pairs local women with middle school girls who may need a supportive woman role model in their lives.  “We’ve had a wonderful response from guidance counselors and teachers, and we’re getting a good response from the community in terms of volunteer mentors, and we hope to continue growing the program into the 2017 - 2018 school year,” said Carr. 


If you're looking for a good book to lose yourself in this summer, stop by End of the Line Books soon.  Your purchase not only helps to recycle, every penny you spend goes to a good cause.  For more information on the bookstore itself or to volunteer with any of the sponsoring organizations, contact Linda Carr at lindacarr7125@gmail.com .

Power of Possibilities 3.0 Spring Summit a Success!

Over 100 local and regional attendees took part in the third annual Power of Possibilities (POP) Spring Entrepreneurship Summit held at Garrett College on April 28. The goal of the Summit, as for all of POP, is to build community and individual competencies and success around small business formation, small business success and the art and science of entrepreneurial thinking. POP is a key driver of cultural change and opportunity development for all in our community.

Over its three-year history, POP has engaged over 1,300 participants, 50 participating local businesses as mentors and sponsors, and through the annual POP Business Plan Competition, has also engaged 60 business plan competitors that have generated 30 new businesses plans for the area. According to Mike Tumbarello, Director of the Garrett College Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, “POP has had a significant and sustainable impact on our community. By demonstrating the possibilities available through entrepreneurial thinking and by helping new and existing business owners and managers build successful businesses, POP has emerged as a key component of our county’s economic development. We have literally been able to change people’s lives and impact their success.”

Attendees heard from local and national speakers. Some provided their start-up stories and tips for success, others shared their expertise in specific areas, such as web development, while others shared their experiences and best practices relative to community and business ecosystem development. Those in attendance also had the opportunity to work together to discuss and plan for some potential new businesses in the county, including a café, taxi service, a maker space and a skills clearinghouse for job seekers.

As always, the spring summit included the annual Power of Possibilities business plan competition awards luncheon, where winners of this year’s competition were announced. The third place award went to FIRST Team 1629 for their Lego spinner product effort; the second prize was awarded to Larry and Lana Roby for their unique BBQ sauce product that is already in-field. The first place winners, Chester and Trish Yoder won for their innovative “repurposing” of their farm for their Cider Haus concept. All came away with greater knowledge and with a honed, well-written business plan that will hopefully take their enterprise to commercial success. 

“We feel blessed to have been a part of the POP Competition, as it really helped expedite our planning process and get us to market fast! Frankly, it helped us more than we ever imagined,” stated Larry Roby, second place winner and owner of Chef Larry Lee’s 2 Thick 2 Squeeze BBQ Sauce. Readers should look for additional articles on the POP Business Plan and on the upcoming Mountain Maker Fest in coming weeks.

Deep Creek Lake and Garrett County, Maryland Continues To Experience Record Increases in Tourism

2016 was a record year for tourism in the Deep Creek Lake area and Garrett County, Maryland with a 3.6% increase in county accommodations sales, a 7% increase in heads on beds, a 2.3% increase in sales tax collections and a 23% increase in visitors to the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce’s website, visitdeepcreek.com. The Chamber attributes much of the increase to the Chamber’s aggressive marketing plan with concentrated efforts and new ad strategies.

And, according to the Maryland Office of Tourism, Garrett County’s increases have even outpaced Maryland’s tourism growth. For the first six months of Fiscal Year 2017 (July 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016), Maryland grew tourism sales tax revenues 4.6%, while Garrett County grew tourism sales tax revenues 7.2% during the same time period. Maryland grew lodging sales tax code collections 5.8% while Garrett County grew lodging sales tax collections 9.5%.

Garrett County experienced similar increases in fiscal year 2016 (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016). Maryland grew tourism sales tax revenues 6.4% in fiscal year 2016, while Garrett County grew tourism sales tax revenues 7.0% during the same time period. Maryland grew lodging sales tax code collections 6.3% in FY16 while Garrett County grew lodging sales tax collections 9%.

“Tourism is an economic engine for Garrett County and we are pleased to see that this engine continues to churn out additional revenues and business for our community,” said Nicole Christian, president & CEO of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber, as the Destination Marketing Organization for the County, is pleased to see that our strategies are proving effective and that our efforts are yielding strong results for our community.”

Learn to Sail at the Deep Creek Sailing School – Celebrating 25 years!

Registration is open at the Deep Creek Sailing School.  Enjoy beautiful scenery as you learn to sail in the mountains of western Maryland.  In addition to our very popular junior weeks and teen week, we have three adult instruction weeks scheduled.  

The weeks of June 19 and July 17 will focus on beginner/intermediate levels of sailing and introduction to racing.  

The week of June 24 will focus on intermediate/advanced levels of sailing including sail trim, racing, and spinnaker skills.  We understand that a week may be too much of a commitment - hence we are offering both Monday to Friday and Monday to Wednesday options for adult weeks.  The school also offers 3-hour private lessons.  

On July 8, 2017, the Deep Creek Sailing School is celebrating its 25th year since being established in 1992.  Former instructors and students are welcome to join the celebration.  Contact the sailing school if you are interested. www.deepcreeksailingschool.com


Garrett County Public Schools Calendar for 2017/18 Approved

Garrett County Public Schools has released the 2017-18 school calendar.  At January’s Garrett County Board of Education meeting, the Board voted for a Pre-Labor Day start of school for students. In September, Governor Hogan issued an Executive Order mandating schools to start after Labor Day in Maryland and finish by June 15.  However, his Executive Order allows for school systems to request a waiver to start before Labor Day if certain stipulations are met.

A waiver request was submitted on January 17 to the Maryland State Board of Education for approval of a Pre-Labor Day start.   To be eligible for a waiver, local Board must demonstrate that the school system has met all requirements for at least one compelling justification and has conducted at least one public meeting at which the waiver application was considered and approved. The local Board has demonstrated that Garrett County Public Schools meet the requirements for the compelling justification of emergency school closing. Additionally, the local Board provided evidence of having a public meeting on January 10, 2017 to consider and approve the waiver request.
On January 24, 2017, the Maryland State Board of Education approved the waiver request for Garrett County Public Schools to open for pupil attendance prior to Labor Day for the 2017-2018 school year. This waiver applies to the 2017-2018 school year only and does not exempt the school system from adhering to the requirements set forth in Education Article §7-103 and Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.03.02.12 and 13A.02.01.04.
Highlights of the 2017-18 school calendar are:
Tuesday, August 22:  First day for teachers
Monday, August 28: First day of school for students.
Friday, October 13:  Schools closed for Autumn Glory
November 23-24:  Thanksgiving break
December 23-January 1:  Winter break
Monday, January 15:  Schools closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday, February 19:  Schools closed for Presidents’ Day
March 30 and April 2: Schools closed for Easter break
Monday, May 28: Schools closed for Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 29:  Last day of school for students
Wednesday, May 30:  Last for teachers
There are 10 makeup days included in the calendar:  February 19 (with state approval), April 2 (with state approval), May 30, 31, June 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
The 2017-18 school calendar can be viewed