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2019 People’s Choice Challenge Leaderboard

As of September 19, 2019, the following three choices for each category are leading the People’s Choice Challenge in PROFESSIONALS!

1. Favorite beauty professional:
Brandi Krause – Cobblestone Hair Salon
Amanda Walker – Deep Creek Salon
Jennifer Paugh – Hair and Faces by Tina

2. Favorite local dental professional:
Dr. Lindsay Jenkins
Dr. William Yant
Dr. Todd Mullins

3. Favorite local doctor or health professional:
Becky Crowell
Danny Moon
Charles Walch

4. Favorite local financial professional:
Brian Boal
Jerry Merrick
Phil Rodeheaver

5. Favorite local fitness professional:
Jennifer Sober
Jazzercise Team
Kenzi Smith

6. Favorite local hospitality professional:
Sean Sober
Victoria Buckel
Jeremy Bittner

7. Favorite local insurance professional:
Terry Helbig
Ed Panther
Doug Railey

8. Favorite local legal professional:
Justin Gregory
Craig Ingram
Gary E. Sabo

9. Favorite local photographer:
Jessica Fike
Anna Brown
Molly Browning

10. Favorite local band or performer:
The Terah Crawford Band
Jason Shaw
The Remedy

11. Favorite community champion / volunteer:
Jay Ferguson
Brenda McDonnell
Terah Crawford