Project Purple Proclamation

September is National Recovery Month. The Garrett County Health Department, the Stand Together Garrett County Against Drugs consortium, and the Garrett County Commissioners, asks the entire community to observe National Recovery Month and participate in Project Purple.

The Garrett County Commissioners recently signed a proclamation designating September as National Recovery Month in Garrett County, and asked everyone to turn the county purple as a show of support.

“Project Purple combines National Recovery Month with a campaign to reduce the stigma of mental and substance use disorders,” said Bob Stephens, Garrett County Health Officer. The proclamation asks businesses, agencies, towns, communities, and individuals to turn Garrett County purple by putting up banners, purple ribbons, purple lightbulbs, wearing purple clothes, and using #EndTheStigmaGC on marquees, etc.

“Mental and substance use disorders affect all communities nationwide, but with commitment and support, people with these disorders can achieve healthy lifestyles and lead rewarding lives in recovery,” Stephens said. “To help make it easier for those affected by substance use disorders to seek help, we need to reduce the stigma associated with the disorders.”

For help finding community resources for mental and substance use disorders, visit, or call the Behavioral Health division of the Garrett County Health Department at 301-334-7680.

Purple Proclamation in Garrett County

Pictured above after the signing of the National Recovery Month/Project Purple proclamation are Commissioners Jim Hinebaugh, Paul Edwards, and Larry Tichnell surrounded by Garrett County Health Department staff and attendees of the commissioner’s meeting who joined the picture to show their support for National Recovery Month and Project Purple.