MSDE Guidance Specific to Attendance Codes for Quarantine and Isolation

Based on recent guidance provided by the Maryland State Department of Education, GCPS needs to make a minor adjustment to the attendance coding reflected in the GCPS Reopening and Recovery Plan for students who are in quarantine or isolation. These changes will take place at the start of the second nine weeks, Wednesday, November 10, 2021.
CODE Q is staying the same – Assigned for any student that is required to isolate/quarantine. This does NOT count as an excused or unexcused absence but rather helps to track who is learning at home due to isolation or quarantine.
CODE 25 will now be CODE 17– Assigned for any student required to isolate/quarantine and does not meet the definition of present while learning at home. This will be an excused absence and missed work can be made up based on the GCPS Student Handbook make-up work regulations.
CODE Q and CODE 17 will be managed by the person in charge of maintaining the daily attendance in each building. This includes gathering information from the teacher of record about the absent students ability to be present and continue their continuity of learning while quarantined or isolated.
The new attendance coding process will be updated in the next publication of the GCPS Reopening and Recovery Plan. Should you have any questions specific to this change, please contact Mr. John Hummel, Director of Student Services.