Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area Receives an additional $100,000 Grant from Maryland Heritage Areas Authority:  One Project Awarded from Reserve List

The Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area Maryland Heritage Area was notified that one of the Garrett County projects on the reserve list was awarded funding by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA). Garrett College Foundation was awarded a project grant for $100,000 for the development of the Garrett College to Ag Hall Heritage Trail.

“In July, the Town of Oakland received funding for the Oakland Heritage Trail and the Chamber was awarded a Heritage Area management grant totaling $129,631 so we were thrilled to receive additional funding from the reserve list this year,” said Kim Folk, Heritage Area & Groups Director for the Chamber. “That brings the FY20 grand total of MHAA grant funding to $229,631 for the Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area. These grants will allow the recipients to expand awareness of Garrett County’s historical and cultural heritage.”

The Ag Hall Heritage trail will provide locals and visitors a trail from Garrett College to the Agriculture Heritage Hall at the Fairgrounds, both located on Mosser Road.  This trail will connect the two largest event venues in the county as well as adding to the county’s already growing and extensive trail system. Interpretive signage will be included along the route. “We are so pleased to have the support of Maryland Heritage Areas Authority for the Mosser Road Heritage Trail project. The trail will provide a connection to, and even greater visibility of, multiple heritage assets in the McHenry area.” Said Kearstin Hinebaugh, Grants Administrator with the Garrett College Foundation.

MHAA awarded 13 additional matching project grants from the reserve list totaling over $550,000. The funds were awarded to Maryland nonprofit organizations, local jurisdictions and tourism groups. The grants fund historic preservation, natural resource protection and educational programs in 13 state-designated Heritage Areas. By supporting projects and educational activities, the grants spawn renewed interest in Maryland culture from residents and visitors, boosting tourism-related jobs.

The Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area has secured more than $1.4 million in funding from MHAA over the last seven years.