Monday March 4

We had some frozen fog on Friday evening and some significant snowfall on Sunday, with a Snow Emergency Plan put in place by the State Police 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon. Today’s weather will be mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers until about 2pm. A high temperature near 19 and a low around 5 with wind chill values as low as -10.

We’ve gotten at least 6 inches of snow this weekend. GET OUTSIDE! 🙂

Here’s a semi close-up of the frozen fog or rime ice on a small tree on my property. It basically formed crystals and then “nodules” that kept layering on top of one another.Frozen Fog or Rime Ice on Deep Creek Lake, MD Tree

We are thrilled to have begun a relationship with Jay Ferguson, Owner/Associate Broker of Taylor-Made Deep Creek Vacations and Sales and 2018-2019 Realtor of the Year.  Jay is truly engaged in the community as well as the lake-area real estate market. You can check out Jay’s new page on Deep Creek Times right here.

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce has contracted with West Virginia University to conduct a survey of 2,400 county visitors over the next year in an effort to learn more about visitor demographic and usage profiles and economic impact. Data will be compared to findings from a similar survey done in 2009 to ascertain any changes.  I am looking forward to seeing the results when WVU issues the report.

This one is for all you veterans, as I know we have a number of retiree veteran readers: A few weeks ago, Governor Hogan declared 2019 the Year of the Veteran.  As part of that effort he is also trying to get legislation passed in this session that would exempt veteran pensions from Maryland state income taxes.  This could be huge for our retired veteran readers so I wanted to loop-around and make sure you were all aware of this.

ATTENTION ALL READERS:  We have some vouchers for lift tickets (2), ski/snowboard rentals (2) and tube park (3) to give away this week!  We will bundle the two lift/two rental vouchers into one prize and the three tubing vouchers into another prize.  So, two (2) of our readers can WIN. If you want to enter, please complete this form or send us an email to by Midnight Friday, 3/8 with your requested prize in the subject line AND tell us one thing you really like/love about the Deep Creek Lake area. We will randomly pick one winner in each category and will also print some of the “what I like” statements in a future edition of Notes. Note: these vouchers are only good for this winter season, so if you are about to fly to Fiji for a month, you may want to pass! Good luck!

Congratulations to the Garrett County robotics teams! The FTC 2818 Team G-FORCE is going to World Championships in Detroit after winning the State Championship and FIRST Team 1629 is going to the CHS District Championships at George Mason University!

Here’s the quick list of March activities at the Deep Creek Lake State Park Discovery Center. They always have great indoor and outdoor experiential learning (and fun) things going on. We will also be including each one in our events section, as always:

Saturday, March 9th – 9:00 am- 3:00 pm Sang Run State Park –Maple Syrup Making Demonstration. 

Sunday, March 10th – 1:00 pm  Women with Wings  Join us for this special Women’s History Month program at our aviary.

Saturday, March 16th – 1:00 p.m  S.T.E.M. like a Girl Join us in the science room to discover hands on science exploration pioneered by women.

Saturday, March 23rd – 1:00 pm  Mosses and ‘Manders Hike  Learn basic moss identification and search for the salamanders that call the Appalachian Plateau home.

Saturday, March 30th – 11:00 am  Signs of Spring Hike   Join the Naturalist for a two-mile hike searching for plants, birds and animal activity that tell us it’s spring.

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