McHenry Beverage Shoppe

Hand-Selected Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey

That’s The Spirit! McHenry Beverage Shoppe was established in 1983 and has maintained a reputation for a stellar wine selection. Our collection increased to over 3,700 with the addition of a temperature-controlled wine cellar. It’s good to note, they always have chilled Champagne & cheeses on hand for impromptu celebrations! Their fine cigar selection also contributes to the store’s appeal and shopping experience.

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McHenry Beverage Shoppe had an opportunity to hand-select a barrel of Sagamore Spirit Rye American Whiskey. The barrel selected is Sagamore Rye; a Maryland-style blend of seven-year-old straight rye whiskies.
The Sagamore Spirits Rye barrel select program showcases the uniqueness of the distiller’s favorite barrels in each batch.
This selection of 110-proof rye will not be found at any other location. Each bottle is labeled for McHenry Beverage Shoppe and lists the unique barrel number on the sticker.
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McHenry Beverage Shoppe
24465 Garrett Hwy
McHenry, MD 21541
(301) 387-5518