McHenry Beverage Shoppe

McHenry Beverage Shoppe was established in 1983 by George & Madeline Collins at the McHenry Plaza Shopping Center. When Hugh Umbel, the current owner, purchased and remodeled it in 2003 the store already boasted a reputation for having a great selection of wines. As “boutique” wines, liquors & beers gained popularity the inventory was broadened, and the already stellar wine selection increased to 3,700 when we created our own temperature-controlled wine cellar. It’s good to note, we always have chilled Champagne & cheeses on hand for impromptu celebrations. Our fine cigar selection contributes to the store’s appeal, which currently occupies 5,000 sq. ft. in the Plaza.

24465 Garrett Highway

McHenry, MD 21541

301-387-5518 | 800-495-5518