Deep Creek Lake Watershed Foundation

The Foundation’s mission to support, promote, and advance scientific study, environmental protection, and educational programs relating to the Deep Creek Watershed requires project funding and the financial support of Bill’s Marine Service will assure the success of these objectives.

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In a first beyond the Chesapeake Bay, the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation has partnered with Garrett County to fund Water-Wise training by the University of Maryland Extension in a program exclusive to Garrett County.

Water-Wise is a conservation landscape certification program to help residents improve the quality and quantity of water runoff here in Garrett County.  Thirteen people, 11 Master Gardeners and 2 Garden Club members, already have completed the three-day training necessary to manage the Water-Wise landscape certifications, and now are looking for properties whose owners are eager to participate in the program.

Deep Creek Watershed Foundation Water-Wise Training

 Front Row:  Master Gardeners -Jessica Tirocke, Carol Williams
2nd Row: Master Gardeners – Vicki Teets,  Kathy O’Connor, Jo Ann Kociolek, Rusty O’Neal
3rd Row: Master Gardeners- Dick Potts, Don Watson, William Kerrick
Back Row:  Gary Aronhalt: Garrett County Watershed Coordinator,  Will Williams: Deep Creek Lake State Park Naturalist,  Diana Morgan -Master Gardener, Wanda MacLaughlin- University of Maryland Extension, and Sheri Dewitt- Master Gardener.

People wanting more information on this program can contact the University of Maryland Extension in Garrett County at 301-334-6960 or