Deep Creek Lake Watershed Foundation

The Foundation’s mission to support, promote, and advance scientific study, environmental protection, and educational programs relating to the Deep Creek Watershed requires project funding and the financial support of Bill’s Marine Service will assure the success of these objectives.

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The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation, Inc., is offering for sale Flying Scot #80 which has been donated to the Foundation for resale in support of Foundation projects.

The Foundation has determined to sell the boat in a way to maximize the return.  A Sterling trailer is included with no title.  There is a small two horsepower Johnson outboard motor and motor bracket that attaches to the transom of the Flying Scot available.  We are listing the motor and bracket separately from the boat and trailer.  Also, a 16-foot Old Town canoe of recent vintage is available separately.  There is a $3,000 reserve on the boat and trailer, a $900 reserve on the canoe, and a $400 reserve on the motor, and a $4,000 reserve on a package of all three items.  The condition and sea worthiness of these items is unknown.  They are offered as-where is.  The Foundation will receive indications of interest to the attention of Morgan France via email to 

Auction End Date / Time: August 15, 2020


DCWF Flying Scot for Sale
DCWF Flying Scot for Sale
DCWF Flying Scot for Sale