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Leaders of the Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church recently met with members of the Oakland City Police Department and the Garrett County Sherriff’s Office to present them with personalized gifts in recognition of their service to the community.

The church donated 40 individual gifts to the officers which included a gift card to local eateries and notes of thanks and encouragement from the church’s youth.

The gift cards were distributed by church representatives, Pastor Dennis Leatherman, Matt Trezise, and Edd Davis. “As Christians, we are instructed in God’s Word, the Bible, to pray and give thanks for, and to honor those in authority serving our communities (1 Timothy 2:1-2; Romans 13:1-4),” said Pastor Leatherman. “We want this to be an expression of our honor for those serving us as Law Enforcement Officers and a small token of our great appreciation for their service. We pray for safety and wisdom for each one.”

“It was very much appreciated,” says Oakland City Police Chief Bill Thomas. “I think I speak for all the police officers when I say we are extremely grateful. Any support we get from the community is amazing, it’s a great feeling.”