Arrowhead Cove Pilot Dredging Project: Site Preparation

Arrowhead Cove Pilot Dredging Project Site Preparation (Arrowhead Cove - Sept 29, 2023) at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Byco Enterprises will begin the Arrowhead Cove dredging project site preparation this week. As previously announced, Arrowhead Cove at Deep Creek Lake is selected as a priority area for a pilot dredging project to remove accumulated sediment from the lake bed.

Site preparation means that the public may begin to see activity around the Arrowhead Cove area.

Byco will start installing perimeter controls and preparing the staging and sediment stockpile areas. Also, an office trailer will be set towards the end of October.

Depending on weather conditions, a cofferdam will be constructed in the first part of November. A cofferdam is a temporary structure that allows a section of the site to be enclosed and drained to create a dry working area.

The dewatering of Arrowhead Cove (only) will begin on or around November 10.

Arrowhead Cove Pilot Dredging Project Site Preparation (Arrowhead Cove Map on Deep Creek Lake)

“This project has been in the planning stages for a long time,” stated Bruce Michael, Garrett County Watershed Coordinator. “It is great to start seeing activity at the site. This project is important to determine if dredging other sediment-impacted Deep Creek Lake coves is a viable and cost-effective strategy.”

The dredging project at Arrowhead Cove represents a significant investment in the environmental health and future of Deep Creek Lake. Garrett County is committed to preserving the natural beauty and recreational opportunities of this community asset.

For more information about the dredging project at Arrowhead Cove, including project updates and community engagement opportunities, please visit

Please contact Bruce Michael, Garrett County Watershed Coordinator, at or 410-570-4554 for questions or more information.