AAUW Scholarship Report: 12 Women Helped in 2022 (To Date)!

Dec 23, 2022

One of the most important programs of AAUW- Garrett Branch and one of their most long-standing branch objectives is the AAUW-GB Scholarship Program. In 2022 to date, we have awarded scholarships to 12 amazing women. They are:

Allegany College of Maryland Allied Health Book Scholarship
This scholarship is intended to support women
students who are transferring into an Allegany
College of Maryland Allied Health program from
Garrett College and registered in an AA degree
program. The funds are to be used for books during
the first year at ACM.

1. Bobbie J. Roy, Grantsville, MD
2. Soncerae E. Schrock, Grantsville, MD

AAUW Traditional Student Scholarship, Garrett College Foundation
This scholarship is intended to support two
traditional-aged students, one from Northern High
School and one from Southern High School, who are
attending Garrett College as a first-semester student.
It is given in two increments, one per fall and spring
semester, if the student is registered for that
semester. In 2023, these scholarship will go directly
to the high schools so they can be used at any
accredited college or university.

1. Tabitha Carr , Oakland, MD
2. Tiffany Niner, Accident, MD 21520
3. Caitlin Ptomey , Swanton, MD

Marilyn Moors Second Chances for Women Scholarship, Garrett College Foundation
The purpose of the Scholarship, named after Marilyn
Moors (1935-2016), a well-known former AAUW-GB
President, is to support Garrett College women
students who are returning to college after an
interruption in their continued education. It is
awarded through the Garrett College Foundation.

1. Ashton Friend, Oakland, MD

Mary Blair Whytsell Scholarship
The scholarship was designed by then AAUW-GB
President, Marilyn Moors, as a baby shower present
for then VP of Academic Affairs at Garrett College, Dr.
Virginia Broaddus. It was named after her daughter,
Mary Blair, and has been given every year since her
birth in 2005. The scholarship was intended to honor
the baby whose mother had been a champion of
students continuing their education in the Liberal
Arts. This scholarship is intended to help a woman
who has limited resources to continue her education

1. Kristen Nicole Masssey (Frostburg State
University), Oakland, MD
2. Alexandra Schofield (Frostburg State
University), Mountain Lake Park, MD

Linda May Leadership Scholarship
This scholarship is named after Linda May Gerard
(1954-2017). Linda was a valued and active member
in AAUW-Garrett Branch and was the Treasurer for
more than a decade. She was the Associate Director
of Business and Finance for the National Center for
the Advancement of STEM Education (nCASE),
working previously at Garrett College as a staff
member and a Math Instructor. This scholarship is
intended to support members of Western Maryland
AAUW Branches and Student Chapters.

1. Gloria Salazar, Oakland, MD — Scholarship for
AAWU Dues in recognition of her representation
on the GC Government D&I Committee

General Scholarship (Directly from Branch)
When we are asked outside of our regular
scholarship program to help support a woman
attending college, the Executive Board can entertain
the request and made a general award, as long as it
fits into the approved budget for the year.

1. Harleigh Maddison Wildesen (Pittsburgh
Institute of Mortuary Science), Mountain Lake
Park, MD
2. Emilee Grace Tasker (Frostburg State
University), Oakland, MD
3. Sheri Sechler (Pennsylvania State University
World Campus), Grantsville, MD – Second
Chances Scholarship
We are pleased to announce that beginning this fall,

If you would like to make a scholarship donation or assist on the Scholarship Committee, please call Christine at 703-201-5097.

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