2019 People’s Choice Challenge Leaderboard – EXPERIENCES

2019 People’s Choice Challenge Leaderboard

As of September 19, 2019, the following three choices for each category are leading the People’s Choice Challenge in EXPERIENCES!

1. Favorite local festival or event:
Autumn Glory Festival
Garrett County Agriculture Fair
Fire on the Mountain 4th of July Fireworks

2. Favorite local golf course:
Oakland Golf Club
Fantasy Valley

3. Favorite local hike:
Three-Waterfall Hike at Swallow Falls State Park
Rock Maze
Maryland’s Highest Point (Hoye-Crest)

4. Favorite local historical site:
Cassellman Bridge
B&O Train Station Museum
Friends Store at Sang Run State Park

5. Favorite local indoor activity:
A Thirst For Art
Black Bear Wine and Words

6. Favorite local outdoor activity:
Lake Time
Hiking Anywhere!
Wisp Ski Resort Activities

7. Favorite local rainy day activity:
DCLSP Discovery Center
Simon Pearce

8. Favorite local lake view:
Aces Run Restaurant & Pub
The Sandy Beach at Will O’ the Wisp

9. Favorite local state park:
Swallow Falls State Park
Deep Creek Lake State Park
Herrington Manor State Park