Wednesday October 23

The weather for today will be sunny, with a high near 50 and a low around 40. West wind 14 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 29 mph.  So, hold onto your hats folks!

Taking this time to wish my wife Jean a very Happy Birthday.  She turns 21 (again) today.  If you see her please wish her a happy day.

Here’s an impressive photo (looks like a work of art!) taken and submitted by Shane Robertson, of Crows Point Road in Swanton. Well done and thanks Shane.

Beauty at Deep Creek Lake

Photo by: Shane Robertson

The second to last Wednesday Mountain Fresh Farmers Market is today in Oakland. Many of the farmers have had frost, but there are still greens and tomatoes from vendors with high tunnels, and potatoes, sweet potatoes and other “from the ground” vegetables as well as other storage items such as winter squash, garlic, beets, carrots, and more.

Mary Callis of Garrett Lakes Arts Festival (GLAF) asked us to remind our readers that their Ballet Theater of Maryland (BTM) production of Alladin and the Prophecy of the Ring is coming to the lake on November 3rd at 2:00 pm in the Garrett College auditorium.  As always, we expect a great show from GLAF and BTM and I am sure they won’t disappoint.

It’s Team Trivia Night at the Greene Turtle this evening from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  Fun times and a chance to win nice prizes.

FINALLY: Have a great (over the) Hump Day folks! But, before you leave today’s Daily Notes, please read this:

There are so many cats at the Garrett County Animal Shelter, many who come in as strays and are not claimed by an owner. We work closely with the staff there to see that every adoptable cat has a chance of being adopted. It’s the basis of our mission. Sammy was once such cat who was not well socialized with people or other animals when she came to us. We worked lovingly and tirelessly with her to get her where she needed to be. Sammy wasn’t with us for too long when a young couple came in and fell in love with this beautiful girl. Sammy, being the now well-socialized cat she had become, won the young couples hearts. They wanted to adopted right away and add another fur baby to their home. Our staff in the Adoption Wing worked like the well-integrated team they are to get Sammy ready. Other staff members answered all of the couple’s questions about Sammy and what she needed from them at home. Soon, the three of them were on their way to their happily ever after. 

Are you ready to add a feline or canine companion to your home and heart? Please ADOPT and never shop or take a “free to a good home” animal. All pets adopted from HART are up-to-date on their shots, defleaed/dewormed, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and assessed for basic health and behavior. To learn more about adopting from HART for Animals, go to I don’t know the young couple discussed above and pictured below, but I do know I like them and thank them!

Adopting at HART

Another Kitty Finds its Forever Home!



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