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Yesterday was very nice and today should be even nicer, with a high of 83 degrees and a low of around 65.  There will be a light south wind, sunny during the day and partly cloudy in the evening. Enjoy.

For the month of June, the average high temperature in Garrett County was 76 degrees. The average low was 55.8 degrees and we had a total of 4.53 inches of rain.  We could actually use a nice rain soon, as the ground is getting a bit parched in some areas. Thanks go to Glenda Chandler at Garrett Regional Medical Center for compiling the results and sharing with us.

Here’s a great photo submitted by Maggie Shubert as taken by her husband. It is of an early morning water skier on July 4th from their dock in the Pergin Farms area of the lake.  Very well done and thanks for submitting for all to enjoy.

Pergin Farm area 7-4-20 by Maggie Schubert

DCL Water Skier at Dawn

Today is tax day. So, if you haven’t submitted your taxes, you need to get that extension filed. And, if you have any $$$ left over, please consider sending a donation to one or more of our local charities or non-profits.  They do great work and can use funds, especially during this crazy pandemic.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Notes, Lebanese Taverna is coming to town JUST ONE DAY to deliver pre-ordered meals Thursday afternoon.  Orders must be in today.  If you are from the DC, Northern Virginia area you may be familiar with their food. I personally love Lebanese food, especially the kabobs and desserts.  Also, Lebanese dishes tend to be healthy, so that is an added plus.

Lebanese Taverna Neighborhood Deliveries

Here’s a somewhat sobering “reminder” from a press release received from Governor Hogan yesterday.  I have included in its entirety here.  We are all in this together.  Let’s all do our part and stay safe and healthy.

Governor Hogan Presses Local Leaders to Enforce Public Health Requirements In Bars and Restaurants
State Health Officials Have Connected An Increasing Number of COVID-19 Cases to Non-Compliance. Local Leaders Must Enforce Physical Distancing and Capacity Restrictions at
Bars and Restaurants. Penalties Should Include Fines, Actions Against Licenses, and Closure. Positivity Rate Among Younger Marylanders Continues to Rise

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan today directed local leaders to step up enforcement of public health requirements in bars and restaurants across the state. State health officials have connected an increasing number of COVID-19 cases to non-compliance with face covering and physical distancing rules.

“The vast majority of bars and restaurants in our state are in compliance, but some are flagrantly violating the law and endangering public health,” said Governor Hogan. “You have the responsibility to enforce these laws. Violators should be warned, fined, have actions taken regarding their licenses, or closed if necessary. Local health departments, local liquor boards and inspectors, and local law enforcement agencies must work together to ensure public health is protected.”

Read the governor’s letter to county leaders.

As of today, the positivity rate among Marylanders under 35 is now 84% higher than it is for Marylanders 35 and over.

Under Executive Order 20-06-10-01, which was issued on June 10, and accompanying directives from the Maryland Department of Health:

  • Bars and restaurants are open for seated service only with physical distancing and capacity restrictions. Customers must be seated at least six feet apart from other guests. Standing and congregating in bar areas is strictly prohibited.
  • All staff must wear a face covering while working and interacting with customers.
  • For facilities with booths, every other booth must be closed.
  • No more than six people may sit at a table.

In recent weeks, at least 12 other states have moved to re-close bars and restaurants statewide or in targeted localities following COVID-19 spikes and outbreaks.

“Our continued economic health and recovery depend on the active and aggressive local compliance and enforcement of these critical public health measures,” continued the governor. “We cannot allow a small segment of willful violators to squander the collective efforts of the overwhelming majority of Maryland citizens and businesses.”

The state continues working to further increase the convenience and accessibility of COVID-19 resources and testing. Learn more about COVID-19 in Maryland, or make a plan to get tested at one of more than 220 testing sites, by visiting

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Garrett County, the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce has decided to transition their Annual Membership Meeting to a virtual event on Thursday, July 30, 2020 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm. The Chamber’s annual Membership Meeting will feature the announcement of the Heise Entrepreneurial Spirit Award winner, Volunteer of the Year Award winner and Diplomat of the Year award.

Thanks to Jay Ferguson for sharing this photo of the Neowise Comet in the night sky over Deep Creek last night.

Jay Ferguson Comet July 2020 at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Finally, today, don’t forget that the Mountain Fresh Farmers Market will be in downtown Oakland as it is every Wednesday and Saturday.  Eat your vegetables…