Wednesday February 5 2020

The weather for today will be a bit messy.  Rain, freezing rain, and sleet are likely before 3:00 pm, there’s then a chance of rain between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, then a chance of freezing rain after 5:00 pm. The high will be near 33, with wind gusts later in the day approaching 25 miles per hour.  Rain and a chance of freeqing rain overnight, as the temperatures start rising toward the morning.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month and HART is offering free dental screenings/assessments for pets and is giving a 15% discount on any work scheduled within 60 days of a pet’s free assessment (call HART for specifics). Sounds like a good deal. I may even try to sneak in and get some work done on my mouth (sorry Dr. Yant)!  Here’s a photo of HART’s volunteer of the month, Beth Luers.  Beth and her husband are both friends and they both volunteer at HART.

Beth Luers

HART Volunteer Beth Luers

Just heard that the Maryland Park Service is upgrading its online reservation system with new features that will make it easier for customers and park staff to use. The new version of the online reservation system will be available to customers February 13th and will be unavailable February 6th – 13th. Once the new version is installed, the reservation site will be mobile-responsive, adjusting to any screen size, and featuring a more modern look and feel.

Have a problem in your life?  Well, there may be a class that is able to help you find a solution. The Oakland branch of the Ruth Enlow Library is holding their “Be a Problem Finder” class this evening at 6:00 pm. Students will learn to pinpoint the root causes of issues in their life, and how they can take the steps needed to fix them.  It will be presented by speaker Jerry Frigaard!

Speaking of problems, I’m glad I’m not the person “responsible” for the technical glitch in tabulating the Iowa Caucus results. Talk about pressure. I hope it gets worked out and truly finalized by the time you read this Wednesday morning.  We live in interesting times, which makes me all the happier to have a home and life in the mountains of good ol’ Garrett County.

If you have been reading my columns here for a while, you know I like to “infuse” little tidbits and info-bits every once in a while, especially related to the state of Maryland and travel in general.  I just read a report of a study of over 1,000 upscale hotels all over the world on their most stolen items.  They are, in decreasing theft-rate order: towels, bathrobes, hangers, pens and cutlery.  Interestingly, while not a high rate of theft according to the study, people do try to steal hotel mattresses. One hotel in Italy even had the grand piano in their lobby stolen. Really! Here’s the link to the findings.

Finally, here’s a nice message and update on the potential transition of the Savage River Lodge.  Mike and Jan are (surprisingly) nearing 70 and after 25 years of seven-day weeks, are considering the next stage of their life.  Good people and a very nice place.  We wish them luck however and whenever a change comes their way.


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