Tuesday July 9

The weather today will be sunny, with a high near 79 and a low around 63.

Thanks to Dee Dave for sending in this photo of her “deer” friend making herself at home:

Speaking of Deer … and, this was actually unintentional …

Did you know that Deer Park water was THAT Deer Park? As in, Deer Park or Oakland, Maryland.
(From the Deer Park water website: https://www.deerparkwater.com/our-story)

“In 1873, the Deer Park Hotel opened its doors to visitors traveling to the oh-so-beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Built as a premier resort and spa, the hotel quickly added “natural spring” to its list of amenities. They began bottling water from nearby Boiling Spring (named for appearance, not temperature) for guests to enjoy — including famous folks like Presidents Cleveland and Taft. But the hospitality of the Deer Park Brand didn’t stop there.1905-deer-park-for-train-passengers

The water was popular with hotel guests — so popular, in fact, they asked the B&O Railroad to start serving it on their trains. And, just like that, the railroad began to offer Deer Park Brand Natural Spring Water in their dining cars around 1905. The half-gallon glass bottles were labeled “Not For Sale” — a treat that was reserved for passengers only.  One hundred sixty gallons of Deer Park Brand water were served daily.  (Talk about H2O on the go!)

Interest in the Deer Park Hotel declined over the years when cool, mountain air in the summertime was no longer considered a commodity (thanks, AC).  Eventually, the resort was shut down, and in 1966, the Boiling Spring Holding Corporation bought the spring and surrounding land from the B&O Railroad.  The corporation laid the foundation for a new bottled water company: Deer Park Spring Water, Inc.

Today, the Deer Park Brand continues to spread refreshment throughout this great region. While we no longer bottle our natural spring water from the famous Boiling Spring, we’ve expanded our reach further than ever before, sourcing water from 13 springs across four states. These springs continue to keep the folks refreshed — and ensure the Deer Park legacy lives on for centuries to come.”

But, this bottle I had in my kitchen still says “… sources: springs located in … Oakland, MD”. A neat local story!










It’s a Ladies’ Night Out in Downtown Oakland tonight! From 4:30pm-7:30pm, there will be shopping and dining specials all evening!

The third hydrilla treatment will take place on July 16. Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrilla) is a listed noxious weed defined as any plant designated by a Federal, State or county government as injurious to public health, agriculture, recreation, wildlife or property. Hydrilla has adapted to grow under low light conditions, which gives it the ability to colonize deeper water. Learn more from the MD DNR.

At last night’s Garrett County Commissioners meeting, a Proclamation was made that July 2019 is Garrett County Lake Appreciation month. Also, Mark Widmyer from the Governor’s Office issued a state Proclamation.

The Mountain Maryland Music Institute is offering choral, elementary choral, middle school instrumental and high school instrumental sessions and camps. Contact Dr. Sean Beachy, director of the Mountain Maryland Music Institute, at 301-387-3106 or sean.beachy@garrettcollege.edu for upcoming session information.

Please note the color theme for the 2019 Garrett County Agricultural Fair photography exhibition is purple but there was a misprint in the premium book saying it was orange. Thus, BOTH purple and orange entries will be accepted. The premium book with all the details can be found here.

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