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The weather was nice yesterday, with the showers holding off until around dinner time.  The weather for today will include scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly after 1:00 pm, with Increasing clouds throughout the day and with a high near 84 degrees and a low of around 66.  Chance of rain during the day is about 50%.

Well, if it seems busier this year on and around the lake, recent “numbers” back that up.  Here’s a link to a report on NBC that shows an over 500% increase in visitors to Garrett County-DCL this year.  Not sure of the methodology, but it makes sense, with COVID-19-related restrictions and concerns.  I like to say we are ‘close-by, but a world away’ to big population centers such as DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

First United Bank & Trust yesterday sent out a nice update on various facets of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), including insight into loan amount tranparency by the SBA, loan forgiveness developments and other related resource items.  Click here to go to First United’s page for a lot more details.

Sitting at home looking for something interesting and entertaining to do during the month of July?  Well, Mary Callis and Garrett Lakes Arts Festival (GLAF), in partnership with Maryland Humanities, have arranged for a virual Chautaqua this year:  Raising their Voices.  This series is always fun and informative and this year they have some historical, important and interesting ladies doing the speaking.  Check it out and get all the details via this link.

True confession: I will be very glad when COVID-19 news is not front and center and the pandemic is a thing of the past, but for now, we try to provide county- and sometimes state- level updates to our readers.Yesterday, the Garrett County Health Department received notification of another positive COVID-19 case which brings the county’s total positive cases to 15. This positive case is a female Garrett County resident in her 60s who presented with symptoms at a local health care facility. She did not need to be hospitalized and is isolating at home. Feel better…

Here’s a great photo of the full moon and fireeworks taken from the lake the evening of July 4th, as submitted by Louann Eadie.  Thanks for sharing Louann.

July 4 2020 L Eadie

Fireworks and Moon on July 4th

Finally, we really appreciate getting all of the great photos our readers submit.  Please make sure you include your name, location (just mention which part of the lake/area) and date, so we can best describe setting and give our photographers the credit they deserve.  Thanks!