Tuesday January 2


After a cold and snowy few days, the weather for today will be flurries this morning and then sunny this afternoon; highs of 10 degrees, At the time of posting, there is a 2-hour delay for Garrett County Public Schools and a wind chill advisory in effect until noon on Wednesday.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and their families! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you health, happiness and success in 2018!

NOTE: We have published the Snowfall page to our site – it can be found on the home page next to the weather.

The Ruth Enlow Library begins its Winter Reads program today. It runs through March 31st and participants who read or listen to five or more books of their choosing, keep a log and write two short reviews will receive a free mug and a chance to win $25. Participants can also meet in early April to discuss reviewed books. This sounds like a great program to get through a Garrett County winter!

Note that the library has a new phone system and all extension numbers now include a zero as the first digit. The main number for Kitzmiller has also changed to 301-334-8091.

We have heard that Our Town Theater is holding auditions for the play “Silent Sky” on January 4th. We have not been able to verify that via their Facebook page or website and will report back when we know more.

Please be cautious with the ice thickness on Deep Creek Lake — it has just begun freezing and may not be thick enough to support weight in many places.

An ice rescue was called out near the Glendale Bridge on Sunday but was cancelled as the involved persons were able to exit the water. On the same day, Bob Carney captured these youngsters from Pittsburgh playing ice hockey on the Lake by Dutch’s at Silver Tree:

Ice Hockey on Deep Creek Lake on 12/31/17

Here’s a tip from Garrett Department of Public Works as passed on to us from Property Owners of DCL: Due to the cold weather, Garrett Countians have been experiencing an increased number of frozen water service lines and water meters.  In an effort to help prevent frozen water service lines and water meters the Utilities Division encourages citizens to allow the cold water to drip from faucets.

Finally, look to our Deep Creek Times Cover Story for this month —  we have posted a checklist for our readers to reference as they consider New Year’s resolutions to make. This is a little different than the typical “eat-less, exercise more” and we encourage our readers to submit their resolutions (first name only will be cited) to share with other readers in an upcoming Daily Notes column.

Once again, we wish you all the very best in 2018!

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