Tuesday December 26


Partly cloudy, a low of 5 today and a high reaching 17. Chance of snow this afternoon and winds are 15-20mph and gusting to 40mph.

We Garrett Countians were fortunate to have a beautiful white Christmas yesterday. I drove down to Oakland to check on a friend’s chickens (long story) and just about everything but Sheetz and 7-Eleven were closed, with only a few cars on the road. We hope you were with friends and family and had a great holiday. We sure did.

This one’s for the birds! Actually, the Discovery Center is holding a session in the Science Room today showing how birds fly, see and hunt. This event is interactive and participatory throughout the entire hour. The event is free and starts at 11:00am. There’s also a session called First Impressions scheduled for 2:00pm.

Don’t forget to check out our local retailers for after-Christmas sales. I know Schoolhouse Earth has one, as does Bear Creek Traders.

The Ruth Enlow Library recently set new policies for the circulation of materials to patrons, to be effective as of January 2nd. Patrons may now check out up to 100 items at one time, with exceptions. All materials may now be checked out for three weeks, again with exceptions. They may not have updated their website yet, so ask at the library about the new policy.

We heard that the Garrett County/Deep Creek Lake episode of Lake House Hunters will air on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2018 at 6:00pm on HGTV. Be sure to check your local listings to confirm. We’ll share more when we can.

HART’s Fur Ball Casino is back at Dutch’s New Year’s Eve. Includes Hors D’oeuvres, silent auction and casino games. Goes from 6:00pm – 11:30pm this Sunday in the banquet room on the lower level. All proceeds benefit HART!

Just a suggestion for our readers: With all of the talk about the new tax law that goes into effect in 2018, it is easy to forget that there are things most of us can do to lower taxes this year. Perhaps talk to your tax advisor to discuss maximizing your 2017 deductions, before the rates go down.