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Yesterday was wet and very windy.  Today’s weather holds a chance of showers before 2:00 pm, with a high near 40 degrees and a low around 29.  There will be rain showers in the evening before 9:00 pm, possibly changing to snow showers after 11:00 pm.

Here’s an interesting YouTube video on the history of Deep Creek Lake.  It was compiled by TaylorMade Vacations and Sales and has some nice, historical photos.  Enjoy.  Here’s a photo of construction of the dam way back in 1924:
Building DCL dam

Building Deep Creek Lake Dam

In partnership with the Ruth Enlow Library, CHIPS Network has installed exterior hotspots to provide free Wi-Fi to local communities throughout Garrett County. Currently available at the Oakland, Friendsville, Grantsville, and Accident libraries with a location coming soon to the Kitzmiller branch! That should really help those of us without connectivity at home.  Please spread the word.

The Garrett County Health Department stresses that the best way to protect yourself and your household is to stay at home during this crisis, but if you need to go out for essential reasons, do your part to protect everyone by wearing a face covering. The internet is full of examples of how to make a face covering from bandanas and t-shirts without sewing (see also past columns of Daily Notes). There are also many patterns and designs to sew your own if you are crafty. This link,, will take you to the CDC file that gives several suggested ways to make a face covering, explains how to wear it, and how to take care of it.

Now for a little rant folks.  I had to go out the other day for essentials and I stopped in a local “store” in Oakland.  Well, contrary to best practices and recurring suggestions/orders from the authorities, people in this establishment were not practicing social distancing, did not have face masks on (except for me) and workers handling food and money did not have a mask nor gloves on. Please, please, please stay home, but if you must go out, please take precautions.  I was frankly, surprised at the situation I witnessed and wanted to share so you can help spread the word as well. So, spread the word and not the virus! (Yes, I just made that saying up) Hopefully, things have improved and they are taking more precautions now.  I hope so.

While we remain at four confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Garrett County, the rest of Maryland and other parts of the county continue a mighty strugle. The confirmed coronavirus cases in Maryland had reached 8,936 as of Monday, with the death toll at 262, officials say. Just when we think it is tough, along comes a string of tornadoes Easter Sunday that does serious damage to life and property.  Let’s all keep those in the South that are injured or lost their lives and homes in our thoughts and prayers.  I can’t imagine…

With problems come solutions.  The Garrett County Health Department in partnership with Garrett County Community Action (CAC),  have prepared a website for those seeking ways to help those in need: Check this site out and use it if you have something to offer or need help. The people and institutions of Garrett County continue to come through!

On a positive and innovative note, Dave Bruffy of Smoke and Mirrors Gallery and Studio in Oakland is putting on a Alone Together Virtual Concert on April 24th featuring Seth Maynard and Rich Norwood.  Dave is trying to support our musicians, provide some entertainment and help the economy.  The cost is only $5.  Here’s the link to purchase a ticket.  Nice job Dave! Thanks…