Thursday October 23

The weather for today will be sunny, with a high near 62 and a low of 40. There will be a light southwest wind of six to eight mph.  Should be a pleasant day.

Even with this nice fall weather, we all know that winter is just around the corner.  And, while snow is definitely beautiful here on the mountain, and a boost to the local economy, winter weather can be trying at times, as this snowy gentleman might attest. I say go with the flow and “bring it on.”

Snow Storm Man

Winter is coming…

Speaking of the weather, Garrett College has an interesting continuing education class, “Understanding Weather and Climate”, with instructor Joe Bastardi, coming along on November 6th and 13th (two sessions) in McHenry from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. If you interested in registering or finding out more information you can call 301.387.3069 or go to this link 

Well, back to the present, here’s a very nice photo of some pumpkin art submitted by our reader Karen Harman.  Thank you Karen, nice work!

Karen Harman

Nice Pumpkin Art

Even with fall fully under way, there is some very good fishing to be had on the lake. The Maryland Fishing Report says “most of the floating docks (at the lake) have been pulled so largemouth and smallmouth bass will be on the prowl for any type of cover. Sunken wood, rocks, fallen tree tops and grass lines are good places to look. Casting small crankbaits and jigs that resemble crayfish are a very good tactic. Crayfish are migrating from shallow cover to deeper cover and so have to cross open bottom, smallmouth bass in particular will be waiting in these transition areas to pick them off. Northern pike can be found along grass lines and cove mouths.”

Finally today, in keeping with our “seasonal” theme, orders are being accepted for the spring 2020 planting season for shrubs and trees from the John S. Ayton State Tree Nursery, managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Supplies are limited, so place your order soon (minimum 25 seedlings).

Have a great Thursday folks.


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