Thursday March 19

Rainbow at the lake

Good things to come to all…

Today’s weather will inlude showers in the morning hours and also after 5:00 pm and will be mostly cloudy all day.  Gee, there’s a shocker! The good news is the rain will be minimal – not a downpout – and the temperatures will be moderate, with a high near 64 and a low around 54, though gusty in the evening.

While some restaurants are completely closed, other local eateries are open for take-out.  Here’s a list for you to see what is available.  It is changing continually, so be sure to check-back from time-to-time.  Please consider take-out as a way to support our local small business owners as they try to weather the COVID-19 closure storm.  Here’s the link to the list.

Well, spring is just around the corner and so is fishing.  While some stocking efforts were suspended, there’s still plenty of fish in streams and the lake and it could likely be a fun, enjoyable activity for all, with the obvious advantage of being outdoors and not near crowds.  Here’s the latest fishing report from the Department of Natual Resources.

Our friends at First United have announced some changes due to the COVID-19 virus. Beginning today, they are limiting lobby access and they are asking customers to use drive-ups, ATMs, and digital services.  Their drive-up windows are open following normal business hours; ATMs will accept deposits, withdrawals and transfers to other First United accounts any time of day; and digital tools are available 24/7.  A bank representative will be stationed at lobby doors to allow access to those who may need to visit safe deposit boxes or engage in other transactions requiring entry.

I’ll close out this edition of Daily Notes with some positive news related to COVID-19.  It appears likely that ultraviolet light kills or at least limits the “spread” of the virus.  Since we are about to enter a period of increased sunlight and UV exposure due to seasonal changes, that may bode well for the containment of the virus.  That’s the short summary/interpretation and here’s a link to the full report. Check it out.

Stay positive and be healthy…


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