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Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

The weather for today will be partly sunny, with a high near 78. A chance of showers before noon and thunderstorms between noon and 3pm, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 3pm. Showers mainly before 8pm …. so they say.

Fingers crossed again that the “Fire on the Mountain” fireworks display goes off successfully tonight at dusk.

The best views are along 219 and, I will remind you the robotics team is fundraising by selling parking at The Lodges at Sunset Village and the Garrett County Fairgrounds. Both excellent viewing locations.

Also, we wanted to mention the Deep Creek Discovery center will be offering Fire Tower tours every Thursday in July (from 1:00 to 3:00) — see one of the best views of Deep Creek Lake this afternoon!

If your pet is new and hasn’t been exposed to fireworks yet, remember he or she may have trouble. If the noise and/or light is giving your pet anxiety:

  1. Act normally around your dog. Pretend as though the fireworks aren’t happening.
  2. Play white sound or music.
  3. Close the curtains.
  4. Distract your dog with a game or a puzzle treat.
  5. Put a Thundershirt on your dog.
  6. Make an anti-anxiety wrap out of an elastic bandage.
  7. Keep the dog on a leash if you go outside.

Remember not everyone (and every pet) likes fireworks.

We wish you each a safe and memorable Independence Day!