Thursday July 30

I’m so sorry, dear readers! It looks like we had a glitch and the notes were not posted as timely as I had thought. I’ll make it up to you and have things posted EARLY tomorrow!

The weather today will be mostly cloudy with a high near 82 and a low around 63. A chance of showers and thunderstorms then showers likely after 8pm.

Did you know it is illegal to kill a snake in the state of Maryland?  It’s true! It’s a law on the books.

The Garrett County Board of Education has announced the upcoming school year will begin virtually on September 8th and run at least 9 weeks.

The Deep Creek Mountain Land Company is offering a mid-summer land sale!

Let’s pause a moment and have a proper sendoff for the legacy Deep Creek Times webcam …. this webcam has been located near the 219 bridge for over 20 years! Sadly, a tree fell (as seen in the photo below) and the camera has been taken offline for the last time. Check out our new camera view courtesy of Don Nemith Builders and M-TEK.

Legacy Deep Creek Times Camera on Deep Creek Lake, MD

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