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Yesterday at the lake was sunny, warm and wonderful.

Here’s a short summary of the April 16th Garrett County Commissioners public meeting if you were unable to attend.

The Grantsville branch of the Ruth Enlow Library is hosting Garden Planning 101 this morning from 11:00 am – Noon in their library meeting room. If gardening is not your thing, the Accident branch of the library is holding their monthly Coffee, Books and More meeting this afternoon from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, where you can discuss the library staff’s favorite reads and recommendations.

Black Bear Tavern is hosting Music Express Karaoke this evening from 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm.  I would participate, but Black Bear is an advertiser and if I “sing” (and that is being generous), I would likely scare away all of their other patrons.   That said, I have heard these are fun nights, so check it out.

On May 7th, from 4:45 pm-7:00 pm (including a discussion at 6:30 pm) the Garrett County Suicide Prevention Committee will present a special screening of Suicide: The Ripple Effect.  This important documentary will be aired at the Garrett College Auditorium.

I am putting in a plug here for a very nice, smart, honest, hard-working student of mine: Susan Liller. Susan owns the L&L Cleaning Service in Garrett County (named after her daughters) along with managing Ari’s Pizza in Oakland.  If you are looking for a home cleaner, please consider Susan, who can be reached at 301.616.0443 or

This one is troubling and important at the same time, especially when you think of Garrett County’s aging population and relative affluence around the lake. Research firm Comparitech estimates that there are five million cases of elder fraud in the United States each year, resulting in a combined loss of $27 billion! They estimate Maryland seniors lose over half a billion dollars due to fraud each year. Here’s the link.