Restoration of Aza Stanton Art Collection funded by Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area grant

Often referred to during his lifetime as “Garrett County’s Artist in residence,” Aza Stanton was a native son and lifelong resident of Garrett County. Now having passed away more than 50 years ago, his art continues to be highly visible throughout Garrett County and sought-after each year by the area’s many visitors.

Aza was gifted with the ability to artistically recreate the natural beauty so abundant throughout this far western area of Maryland. Educated at the Maryland Institute of Art, he quickly became known as one of Garrett County’s best-known artists.

Last year, James “Jim” Canty, nephew of Louise Stanton, wife of the late Aza Stanton, and his wife, Linda, of Stafford, Va., presented the College with a collection of Aza’s artwork as a gift.

Recently, College officials have announced that Manhattan Golf & Gallery has restored 25 pieces of the Aza Stanton artwork collection. “This restoration was made possible by funding as part of a grant through the Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area & Maryland Heritage Areas Authority,” explained Kearstin Hinebaugh, Grants & Program Funds Coordinator for the College. “As the nucleus of the county, we are pleased that so many people will have an opportunity to enjoy this impressive collection of artwork.”

The general public and community are invited to visit the College’s main McHenry campus, where the Aza Stanton artwork collection is on display throughout.

Aza Stanton Collection Restoration

PHOTO:  Five original pieces of the Aza Stanton artwork collection are proudly on display in the Garrett College Library & Learning Commons.  1) ‘Driftwood on Lake in Snow; 2) Chris; 3) Highway Farm; 4) Muddy Creek Falls.