2019 People’s Choice




Favorite Local Pizza

Brenda’s Pizzeria
Mountain State Brewing Company – DCL

Deep Creek Pizza

Favorite Local Ice Cream

Saffiticker’s Ice Cream
Katie’s Ice Cream

Devler’s Ice Cream
Huey’s Ice Cream
Lakeside Creamery

Favorite Local Food

Donuts from Glazed and Confuzed
Sweet Corn from Klotz Corn Shack

Baked Goods from Deep Creek Cakes
Farmer’s Market Items
Goat Cheese from FireFly Farms
Menu Features at Black Bear Tavern
Menu Features at MoonShadow
Pepperoni Rolls from Arrowhead Market
Steyer Brother’s Maple Syrup
Chef Larry Lee’s Too Thick to Squeeze BBQ Sauce
Zucchini Bread from Three Sister’s Farm

Favorite Local Steak

Dutch’s at Silver Tree
The Manor Steakhouse

Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub
Black Bear Tavern & Restaurant
Pine Lodge Steakhouse
Pizzeria UNO
Rent-A-Chef (Larry Roby)
Working H Meats and Market

Favorite Local Drink

Vanilla Milkshake @ Englander’s
Rum Runner with Floater @ Honi-Honi Bar

Bushwacker @ the Honi-Honi Bar
Pub Grub @ Ace’s Run Restaurant & Pub
Selection @ Black Bear Tavern & Restaurant
Selection @ MoonShadow
Selection @ SipSide Lounge