Operation Dry Water

This weekend the Maryland Natural Resources Police will conduct Operation Dry Water, the annual Fourth of July enhanced safety enforcement.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources wants you to enjoy being on the water, but please do so responsibly. When boating, make sure you have a sober skipper, and make sure at least one other person on board can operate the vessel if needed. Always know and obey speed limits in the waterway. And never, never drink alcohol if operating any watercraft, whether it’s a kayak or a yacht, or anything in between.

Some facts about drinking and boating:

One drink on land is equal to three drinks on the water. The sun beating down causes you to dehydrate quickly – grab a bottle of water, not another beer. Movement of the water causes you to have to constantly try to keep your balance, which is more difficult when you’ve been drinking. And the longer you are out on the water, the more tired you get, affecting your reaction time.

Remember to hydrate with water or an electrolyte beverage, wear sunscreen, and wear your life jacket!

The Maryland Natural Resources Police will be out to educate and inform about boating safety this weekend – please help make sure that’s all they need to do for you and your loved ones

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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