Monday October 5

I hope you all enjoyed the great weekend.  Weather was crisp, but it was sunny and beautiful out.  Today will be cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 53 degrees. Tonight will be mostly clear, with a low around 39.

We certainly offer our best wishes, prayers and hope for a speedy recovery to President Trump, the first lady, others in our government and all that have contracted COVID-19. This year has certainly been a challenging one for our county and its citizens.  I do hope that we can all put our political differences aside and move forward as one nation.

On a more positive note, Jean and I had the chance to eat at the Rooster’s Nest in Grantsville Saturday evening.  The restaurant is owned by Sandy Fazenbaker, one of my stronger and favorite students from when I taught at Garrett College.  Sandy is a long-term cook/food worker that was able to make her entrepreneurial vision a reality.  It is a nice, reasonably priced, “country place” with a variety of offerings, and with noteworthy BBQ and grilled offerings. My steak was great! Give it a try for a casual meal and tell her Mike says Hi!

Took this photo looking west from the 219 overlook north of Accident on Saturday.  I think the photo just about sums up the Garrett County countryside in a nutshell.  With all the leaves looking to be at almost peak, the ride up and around was really nice.  I urge readers to walk, run or ride around the county to experience the season’s beauty.

Jean T 10-3-20 219 overlook

Garrett County

During the 2019-2020 school year, each public school in Garrett County participated in the Garrett County Health Department’s Play Hard, Live Clean (PHLC) campaign, a healthy lifestyle campaign designed to encourage youth to make good choices by recognizing and rewarding them for certain positive lifestyle accomplishments from kindergarten through high school. The culmination of the campaign for seniors is the awarding of a scholarship to one Northern High student and one Southern High student who earned points for participation in PHLC. The scholarship can be used for work expenses, health expenses, or further education of any kind. The winners for 2019-2020 were Alexis House from NHS and Jacob Nazelrod from SHS. Congratulations Alexis and Jacob.

Please check out this month’s Deep Creek TImes Cover Story if you have not had a chance to yet.  The Cover Story is on the innovative fundraising approach and great work being conducted by Deep Creek Lake Watershed Foundation to help maintain Deep Creek Lake water quality.  You can find the article here.

HART For Animals continues to do GREAT things for our furry friends, and HART’s numbers year-to-date, as of September 2020 certainly support that: Spays & Neuters: 508,      Rescue & Transports: 503, and Adoptions: 115. The revenues generated by the services at the HART Animal Center support the basic operating costs of the facility, including staff and maintenance, so that HART may serve the animals and the community through their mission programs. Those programs are supported through donations and fundraising. HART uses 87% of all revenue to pay for those programs, including rescue, transport, spay/neuter, sheltering, and adoption.

Speaking of HART, their fundraiser in partnership with GLAF, the “Wine & Weekend” Raffle justfinished and they announced the winners, which we congratulate:

Diane Ward Lett, Laytonsville, MD
Lisa Jan, McHenry, MD
Audrey Glassberg, New York, NY
Gary & Luanne Ruddell, McHenry, MD
Thearin Wendel, Reston, VA

We have an owl, or actually owls, on our property that sometimes keep us awake at night, listening to their rythmic “hoots.” And that is not at all a complaint, as it is one of the neat things about Garrett County. I was reminded of our local feathered friends when I saw the results of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources 2020 Photo Contest.  The grand prize winning photo was taken by Zaphir Shamma of Gunpowder, and while the subject of Zaphir’s winning subject is not from our area, I thought it was worthy of inclusion here. Great photo Zaphir!

MD 2020 photo contest winner

Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl by Zaphir Shamma

That’s all for today folks.  Have a great week…

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