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Well, the rains arrived this weekend, along with the mist and cooler temperatures. Today will be mostly cloudy, with a high near 60 degrees, with a south wind 5 to 7 mph becoming west in the afternoon. This evening will be cloudy, with a low around 46.

Well folks, I have a bit of a mystery to share with you in hopes that someone out there can help solve it.  I took a walk the other day and right outside my driveway was a somewhat squished snake.  My guess is that s/he was there a day or two, and it might be noteworthy that there was a tint of blue all around.  Not sure if that was due to its age, the season, time since death or if that is the way s/he normally looks.  Here’s a photo of the poor reptile:

mike snake photo

Squished Snake: What Species?

I have my thoughts on what type of snake s/he is, based on my herpetological knowledge and some cursory search efforts, but it is inconclusive.  Please send in your guesses to and if you get it right (photo proof)/reference and I draw your name (if multiple correct entries), I will send you some Deep Creek Times “bling.”  To help you get started, here’s a link to a resource on Western Maryland snales: 

Slithering right along (I couldn’t resist that one), the US Census Bureau has completed all of their data collection efforts here and throughout America, with a result being that their efforts accounted for 99.9% of all household addresses in the US.  Here’s a link to additional information. I am guessing that our friend pictured above did not make the list!

Just heard that the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has awarded $3,865,000 in federal funds to 155 Maryland elementary schools to help children build lifelong healthy eating habits. The funds made available by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) provide fresh fruits and vegetables to students enrolled in participating schools statewide.

This is interesting, though I must state I am not familiar with the organization or the methodology used. There’s a new report by an organization called Construction Coverage looking at mortgage delinquency rates in the United States before and after COVID-19. Millions of American homeowners are currently enrolled in forbearance programs that enable them to temporarily defer their mortgage payments. Once total employment numbers and the economy stabilize enough, forbearances will end, and mortgage payments will resume. See where your state is by going to the report.

Today and tomorrow, the Maryland State Board of Education (Board) will meet virtually. On both days, Board members and presenters will participate in the virtual meeting, and members of the public will be able to hear the audio and see presentations in real time via live stream. Access to  livestreams (one on YouTube and the other on the Maryland State Department of Education website), agendas, and meeting materials can be accessed at the links below:

On Monday October 26, 2020, the meeting will begin at 11 a.m., and materials are available at:

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m., and materials are available at:

Have a great Monday dear readers…