Monday November 12

The weather for today will be mostly cloudy, with a high near 42 and a low around 34. A 40% chance of showers mainly after 3pm.

Don’t forget that today is the formal celebration of Veteran’s Day and there may be some closures around town, including the library, for example.

Here is a new website to help veterans navigate the return to civilian life:

Saw an intense, complex film at Garrett 8 Cinemas Saturday evening, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web: a New Dragon Tattoo Story.” Good action and entertainment. It stars Claire Foy, who plays the Queen in the series “The Crown.” This part is just a little different for her. Quite a transition.

Pizza anyone? Ledo’s now has a Monday special of a free cheese pizza if you buy one of the same size with three toppings. Plus, Brenda’s still has her half price pizza’s on Monday. There are other specials around town as well listed in our Daily Specials guide.

Maryland Attorney General announced Friday that the Consumer Protection Division closed 2,290 cases in 2018, assisting Maryland patients in saving or recovering over $2.8 million due to them from insurers. In this day and age, it really pays to know there are solutions available should you have a healthcare and/or insurance “issue,” so I thought I would include this for our readers.

From the Southern Garrett Athletic Association: At the recent 1A Boys State Cross Country meet, the Southern team placed 5th out of 17 teams! Congratulations to Griffin Horner and Drew Helbig on their 6th and 10th place finishes, respectively.

November 1st was the first day of the Oakland Jazzercise “Planksgiving Challenge” but it’s not too late to join! in addition to the planks, they challenge you to write down 5 things for which you are thankful. Write them for you or share a few with us. We’d love to hear!

Leave the Ferret home! I mean it. The Wall Street Journal recently listed 13 animals banned by American Airlines as emotional-support flying companions. In addition to ferrets, the list includes goats, hedgehogs, insects, rodents and spiders. So, now you know not to bring your pet tarantula on the plane when you travel to visit the family for Thanksgiving. Or, you could just drive to/stay at the lake and hang-out with all your furry friends with no hassles.

Just a reminder to all you serious and not so serious fishermen out there: The Fall trout stocking season is complete and I hear there is some good fishing out there.  Garrett County received a majority of rainbow trout, but some brown and even some golden were stocked in the area as well. Good luck.

The social app Snapchat is jumping into original scripted shows — a new series called “Deep Creek” was released yesterday morning (only on the app). It will be a total of 10 episodes that are about 7 minutes each. Here’s a screenshot from Snapchat.

Deep Creek Snapchat Original Screenshot


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