Monday January 13

The weekend had some interesting temperature shifts.  Saturday was in the mid-sixties, Sunday got back down to the 30s and was dreary with a little “spitting” precipitation.  Regardless, I saw tubers and skiers at the Wisp on both days. I guess there are no bad days on the slopes.  I certainly understand. There was also a power outage of a few hours on Saturday south of the 219 bridge and into the northern reaches of Oakland.

Today’s weather will be mostly cloudy, with a high near 50 and a low around 37. There’s a slight chance of showers Monday night in the wee hours.

Speaking of the weather, there was an interesting and challenging mix of weather across the mid-west and into Canada this weekend, with the lake-area being spared. High winds, rain, ice and multiple tornados were reported.  The cold weather will stay north early this week, but I wanted to make readers aware in case they were traveling by auto or air.

Thinking about getting your life and/or home a bit more organized in the New Year?  Here’s a simple suggestion piece from Zillow to get you started.  Some people resolve to get in better shape or get rid of troublesome credit card debt. Here’s a link to a study that found Maryland had average per-capita credit card debt of $4,228 to rank third among all of the states. Here’s a link to the study.  Interesting stuff I think.

Also at the state-level, but certainly impacting, and of use to, all at the lake, is the Department of Natural Resources January 2020 newsletter.  It covers such topics as trout stocking, turkey season, and a variety of other topics including 2020 being designated by Governor Hogan as the year of the woman.

This one hurts to report:  The sudden and unexpected passing of Paul Weiler on December 20 has deeply saddened the Deep Creek Watershed Board and advisors and many at the lake. Paul was a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and served as its Project Manager following his turn as president of the Foundation. His kindness, analytical insights and tireless generosity will be greatly missed. Paul’s family would appreciate donations to the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation at I (Mike) have had the pleasure of working and interacting with Paul on a number of boards and committees and he was a gentle, kind, caring and talented man that will surely be missed.

Deep Creek Watershed Foundation

Paul Weiler

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