Monday December 23

After a sunny and warmer Sunday, the weather for today will be mostly sunny with a high near 51 and a low around 29.

Thanks to Beka Beka for sharing this neat pic with us:

Beka Beka at Deep Creek Lake, MD

I (actually, I mean Santa) went to Cashmere & Company and got some nice presents for my wife. Not an advertiser, but a nice new establishment at “The Fort” in McHenry, worthy of mention here.  Nice women’s clothes at a good price point. Owner Marcia Warnick has done a nice job of merchandising her new store, which is open today “all day”  and Tuesday until 2:00 pm. Check ’em out.

Speaking of shopping (and dining), please visit all of our great advertisers for your holiday and year-round needs. Their support helps Deep Creek Times continue to bring you the latest lake-area news and events. Here’s the link to our Deep Creek area guide and be sure to check out our specific area dining, shopping, and lodging guides as well. Please tell them Deep Creek Times sent you!

Have you heard of plogging? We can all try it — it’s picking up litter while jogging. And, you don’t have to be a great runner to try. There are groups that have been formed for just such an activity — I don’t know if there is a local group formed yet but let me know if you start the Deep Creek Plogging group!

The Deep Creek Watershed Foundation asked us to wish all a “Happy Holidays” and sends a big “Thank You” to everyone that donated so far this year.  This organization does a great job helping us better understand and protect the Deep Creek Lake watershed and deserves our support.  You can learn more and also can still make a 2019 donation very easily on their website. They truly deserve our support.

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