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The weather for today will be sunny, with a high near 83 degrees and a light south wind. The evening will be partly cloudy, with a low around 64.

The weather was beautiful and the lake (and the lake-area) was busy this weekend.  This nice photo provided by Eric Willams taken from Wisp supports both of those statements.  Thanks for the great photo Eric.  Much appreciated.

From Wisp by Eric Williams

The Lake as Viewed From Wisp

Took a drive to Morgantown yesterday and we came upon a terrible accident scene on Eastbound 68.  As I write this Sunday evening, both directions are still closed hours after we passed the scene. It was a tractor trailer and I believe involved a fatality. Hopefully, all of our readers are safe and were not caught up in the many hours of road closures. FYI, if I68 is ever closed, you can always come back to Garrett County via Eastbound route 7, which will take you down into Terra Alta and then into Oakland.  That’s what we did to get back to Swanton.

I have heard that the lake level has been lowering, as is usual for this time of year. My HOA board just decided to add a section to two of our three dock clusters to push them out a bit more.  Please be aware of shallow spots, especially as summer progresses, and of course, depending on rainfall and lake drawdowns.

Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun announced that Maryland reported eight new COVID-19 related deaths and 922 new cases. I know this is a contentuous subject among some, but I believe that mask wearing and social distancing will go a long ways towards getting us all out of this national mess. I have certainly seen an increase in mask use among individuals at local retailers of late.  Keep it up…

Sarah mentioned a job opening at the Ruth Enlow Library in Daily Notes last week.  They have another opening now as well, for a library assistant. It is for 16 hours per week at the Ruth Enlow Library in Oakland.  Starting pay is $13.50/hr. You can pick-up an application at any location of the Ruth Enlow Library in Garrett County.  Applications are due by August 21st.

Here’s a nice photo taken by William Heinz of the sunset over Penn Cove.  Thanks for sharing William! I like the way the trees, homes and lake all “combine to black.”

Penn Cove Sunset


The Grantsville Lions Club will hold a pre-order chicken BBQ on August 22 in conjunction with the National Pike Festival. The dinners are carry out, pre-order only and can be picked up from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Grantsville Park chicken BBQ building.  The deadline for ordering chicken dinners is August 14th. To order a chicken dinner, download the order form on the Grantsville Lions Facebook page. Click on the chicken BBQ photo and go to tickets. There will also be town-wide yard sales throughout the town.
Here’s a link to the latest issue of the Maryland Department of Education’s COVID-19 Response and Continuity of Learning newsletter.  It includes information on opening plans for all of the state’s school districts.
Have a great Monday folks…