Local TOPS Participant Receives National Recognition

Local TOPS Participant Receives National Recognition at Deep Creek Lake, MD

Oakland resident Mark Geiger was recently recognized in the Sept./Oct. edition of TOPS News magazine for his weight loss success as a member of TOPS-Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Geiger joined the Oakland chapter on April 27, 2022, by the end of that year he lost 59.6 pounds, and to date, he has lost a total of 72 pounds.

“Since joining the affordable, effective weight-loss support group, Mark has not missed a weekly meeting,” said Amy Ritchie, TOPS Coordinator and Registered Dietician at the Garrett County Health Department. “Others in the group look up to him and often benefit from the recipes he shares and the updates he gives on the events with the Senior Health and Fitness Club that he also belongs to through Community Action and the GC Community Aquatics Recreation Center.”

For his weight loss success in 2022 Geiger was awarded 1st place Maryland State Division Winner, Male Div 7 and 2nd place International Winner, Male Div 7.

Garrett County has two TOPS groups, or chapters, to choose from, one in McHenry and one in Oakland. Both groups meet every Wednesday for an hour with a start time of 12:30 at GC CARC and at 3:30 in the 1st floor conference room of the Garrett County Health Department. You can attend your first meeting for free.

TOPS Club, Inc. has been helping millions since 1948 and is currently celebrating its 75th year. This nonprofit, noncommercial weight-loss support organization is an affordable and evidenced-based program that encourages members to make small, steady lifestyle changes that provide lasting weight loss and better health.

TOPS has thousands of chapters across the U.S. States and Canadian. Contact Amy Ritchie, Registered Dietitian at the health department at 301-334-7730 for more information.