Local Entrepreneur to Teach Upcoming Marketing Course

Sep 3, 2021

Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Garrett College will be offering an upcoming workshop course instructed by local entrepreneur, Mike Tumbarello.  The course, “The “Fuzzy Front-End” of Marketing: Using Proven Marketing Techniques to Build a Strong Marketing Foundation and Drive Success” has been developed by incorporating his own experience of delivering, advising and educating large and small enterprises on effective marketing.

“Too many organizations think that advertising, posting on social media or sales is the marketing be-all and end-all.  While they are often critical and very necessary components of the marketing value chain, they are just pieces of the overall marketing mix.  Smart marketers also rely on the “Fuzzy Front-End” of marketing – understanding and mapping your markets, competitors, customers and internal capabilities – which is something many organizations miss completely or in part,” remarked Tumbarello. “This course provides a proven foundation from which any type or size organization, including non-profits, can drive cost-effective strategies and tactics that work.”

The up-front efforts that are explained in this course are designed to help marketers build a sustainable foundation for a unified, integrated marketing effort.  The course is comprised of three sessions: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur, Understanding the Customer and Bridging the Gap and will be interactive and practical.

The course work will also reflect a “bias” towards entrepreneurial thinking, a tool that can help marketers and managers in all phases of business optimize their success.

This course will be offered over Zoom and will begin on September 14th from 9-11 a.m.  Two additional sessions are scheduled for September 21 and 28.

For more information or to register, contact Continuing Education and Workforce Development at 301-387-3069.