Lions Visit Lions Camp Merrick

On July 10th 31 Lions went on a bus trip to Lions Camp Merrick in Nanjemoy, MD. The camp hosts diabetic campers for 3-week long sessions. Also, the camp has added a deaf camper week and a blind camper week this year.

From the Camp Merrick website, they state the following:

At Lions Camp Merrick we believe that each child needs to feel special and not special needs. One of the greatest experiences in life is the look of joy and pride in a child’s eyes when they accomplish something they thought they never could or would do. LCM’s programs match the needs and abilities of the children we serve so they are given the chance to “be all they can be”. Our dedicated counselors are always on hand to instruct and give caring guidance to our campers, but they find that it is our amazing children themselves who play the largest part in supporting and encouraging each other.

LCM is a special place, a unique haven for children in today’s fast-paced world. Here campers laugh, learn, and live together as they enjoy the pleasures of summertime friendship and fun. They build skills and character and create remarkable friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Lion visitors from District 22-W enjoyed a wonderful lunch with the diabetic campers and presented donation checks to the camp from the district. After lunch, the visitors were given a tour of the camp and returned home the same day.

There are scholarships available for campers so they can attend the camp at no charge. It is a great experience for type I diabetic children to interact with other children having the same disease. If you have a type I diabetic child between the age of 6 -16, contact the camp at: You can also contact Lions District 22-W Diabetes Chair Lion Donna Jackman at 301-790-2036