Late Paul Weiler Honored by Garrett College Foundation

Late Paul W. Weiler honored with Dr. Jeanne H. Neff Award for Distinguished Service

Weiler recognized for level of commitment, dedication and service

 McHenry, MD – The late Paul W. Weiler was posthumously awarded the Dr. Jeanne H. Neff Award for Distinguished Service on behalf of the Garrett College Foundation on Friday, June 12th at the GCF Board of Directors meeting that took place remotely over Zoom. Attending the Zoom meeting to accept the award on his behalf were Weiler’s family members: Judy Casey(daughter), Nick and Elle Casey (grandchildren); David Weiler (son), Leslie Bellas (daughter-in-law); Alex and Katherine Weiler (grandchildren).

As part of the award’s criteria, the award recipient must demonstrate sustained and extraordinary commitment to the Garrett College Foundation Board and to the academic and professional success of Garrett College students, faculty and staff, including Garrett College programming for the benefit of the greater Garrett County community. Recipients must also demonstrate exemplification of the mission and values of Garrett College and the Garrett College Foundation, representing a strong commitment to the students and future of Garrett College.

“This award recognizes Paul’s outstanding board leadership and tireless commitment to our students, their quest for an education, and their future,” stated Susie Crawford, board chair of the Garrett College Foundation.

In 2014, Weiler began his service as a member of the Garrett College Foundation Board.  Shortly thereafter, he was elected treasurer of the Foundation and served as a member of the Executive Committee.  In the spring of 2018, he stepped down as treasurer as he was preparing to become President of the Property Owners’ Association (POA) of Deep Creek Lake in August 2018, but he remained a member of the Foundation Board. Outside of his involvement with the Garrett College Foundation, he taught quality audit and program management courses as an adjunct professor at the College.

Weiler was very connected and actively engaged in his community, while living in Garrett County.  He served as board member for the Garrett Lakes Arts Festival (GLAF) for eight years, in which he also performed the duties as the organization’s treasurer.  Additionally, he served on the board of the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation and was the Vice President for Projects.  He also was co-editor for the POA of Deep Creek Lake’s newsletter, The Dispatch.

With over 45 years’ experience in program management, quality system assessments, development and integration of complex systems, Weiler was a Certified Federal Program Management Professional for Lockheed Martin, in which he obtained numerous impressive credentials to manage the company’s programs.  He served as a System and Software Resource Center (SSRC) instructor as well, in which he was an author and instructor of several classes within his areas of expertise.

Over the years, Weiler held several roles within the Lockheed Martin and IBM organizations, including performing a variety of independent consulting projects in effective quality management systems along with technical and program management.