Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund continues to shine light on Ashby’s legacy

Participating in the Tucker Community Foundation’s Run For It event in Davis, W.Va. has become a tradition in supporting the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund at Garrett College.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual event transitioned virtually.  Team members – Ashby’s family and friends, Garrett College employees, and Southern High School students – formally known as Kalie’s Crew, continued to show their support while raising a total of $2,682.39 this year.

“The Run for it Event has become one of my favorite traditions,” stated Brittney Hostutler, sister of the late Kalie Hostutler Ashby.  “It’s a great day to remember and honor Kalie and I am truly grateful for those who participate in the race or who donate to the cause.”

Although this year was a little different due to the pandemic, the event continues to be an annual success for the scholarship.

“The day is spent with family and friends (and always some new faces), who take time out of their day to support Kalie’s Crew and the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund scholarship,” continued Hostutler. “We had an overwhelming amount of support and were successful in the fundraiser, given the circumstances surrounding the pandemic.”

The Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund honors the late Kalie Hostutler Ashby and the value she placed on higher learning.  To honor Kalie’s love for learning, the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund provides textbook scholarships to students who attended Ashby’s alma mater, Southern Garrett High School, and were part of the College’s dual enrollment program, or students who previously attended Crellin Elementary School, a further tribute to Ashby’s commitment to her local community.

In addition to Ashby’s many accomplishments, she began her college education at Garrett College as a dual-enrolled student, a unique opportunity available to Garrett County residents where students can begin earning college credits while still in high school.

Madison Embleton and Kaelyn Glotfelty, two of this year’s academic scholarship recipients of the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund, also began earning college credits at Garrett College as a high school student at Southern Garrett High School.

Currently studying business administration at Garrett College, Embleton graduated from Southern Garrett and was also a student at Crellin Elementary School.  “The Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund scholarship has allowed me to take my mind off of the financial burden college expenses can have, and allowed me to focus on my education,” noted Embleton.  “This scholarship has been used to help me purchase textbooks as well as cover additional college expenses.”

Thanks to the dual enrollment program at GC, she is now a first-year college student.

“I was able to start college with credits from my previous dual enrollment and AP courses,” she explained. “I wanted to attend college close to home, and Garrett College offered the program I was interested in as well.  I have lived in Garrett County since I was five and I am happy to call this place my home.”

One of her highlights the past fall semester was joining the Student Government Association (SGA) at GC.

“By joining SGA, I have been able to create lasting friendships and memories with new people!” Embleton added.

After GC, she plans to transfer to Frostburg State University and continue her studies in business administration.

A computer science major, Glotfelty has a keen interest in programming, especially programing games.  In high school, she was also a member of the GaCo robotics team.

Like Embleton, receiving this scholarship has been beneficial for her in so many ways.

“It helped me with allowing me to focus more on my schoolwork, since I could focus less on worrying if I had enough money for transportation, textbooks, and other necessities,” Glotfelty stated.  “It also helped relieve anxiety on whether or not I had enough money to cover everything.”

Having just completed her first semester of college this past fall, Glotfelty wanted to get a jumpstart on earning college credits before transferring to a four-year university.

“I chose to start my education at GC because it’s close to home, and I would be able to adjust to college more easily if I could start at home,” she explained.  “I really enjoyed all the projects in my digital logic design class, as well as being able to figure out programming errors and such.”

Elementary education major Emilee Tasker, of Oakland, and first-year student at GC, is also a recipient of the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund.  Being a scholarship recipient has helped her purchase books for her first semester of college.

“I chose Garrett due to me staying close to home, being able to live at home, and being able to still work to save money for the following years,” added Tasker.  “So far my highlight has been meeting new people from different places.”

According to Hostutler, each of this year’s scholarship recipients are continuing her sister’s legacy in a way that Kalie would be proud of.

“This year’s recipients show many of the same qualities, goals and hard work that Kalie was known for and she would be thrilled to be a part of their journey to success.  I wish them the best and hope that the scholarship helps them along their journey to reach their ultimate goals,” added Hostutler.

“My family and I are extremely grateful for Garrett College and the founders of The Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund,” she continued.  “We are blessed to be able to see Kalie’s legacy continue in a way that Kalie would be so proud of.”

For information on making a gift to the Kalie Hostutler Ashby Academic Achievement Fund, contact the Garrett College Foundation at 301-387-3131. All gifts made through the Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.