Healthy at the Lake

People live, own second homes or visit Deep Creek Lake and environs for a number of reasons. Some come for the beauty, others for the outdoor adventures and still others just to relax and unwind. I thought I would take a look at the health benefits – albeit loosely defined – of the Deep Creek Lake area.

While Mike T. (previous owner) has taken an approach to list the top “healthy reasons” to experience the lake area – based on informal research, observation, insight from others and also his own experiences, he does recognize that the Deep Creek Lake area holds allure for many based on a number of personal reasons and motivations.

With all that said, here’s his personal take of the top 10 health-related reasons to “hang at the lake.”

  1. The lake itself – The lake and its waters can definitely “calm one’s soul” even as they raise our pulse as we swim, boat, fish, kayak, play on the shore or just sit and observe the sunrise or sunset from our deck.
  2. The mountains and trees – There’s a feeling of majesty and a greater purpose as one looks out at the beautiful mountains that surround the lake. Trees give us oxygen and they also give us a connectedness with the earth.
  3. The cool, crisp, clean air – Even in the summer, the air around Deep Creek lake just feels cooler and cleaner. In winter, cool air can be invigorating. In summer, the cooler air can be rejuvenating.
  4. The chance to just “get away” from it all – We live in stressful times and many of us have stressful lives. The Deep Creek Lake area provides a chance to break “the cycle of stress” and rejuvenate by slowing down (or speeding up if you are into adventure sports) and hitting the reset button.
  5. The state parks and other natural destinations – We are blessed to have a number of great state parks in the area. These parks help us experience the “wilderness” and its flora and fauna while still being close to civilization and career.
  6. The trail system and the hiking – Garrett County has an amazing trail system and it is one that keeps expanding and serves all our needs, from those seeking to stroll in the forest to those avid hikers, bikers and runners taking it “to the next level.”
  7. The downhill and cross-country skiing – While we are not the Alps or Aspen, we are accessible, and affordable and have abundant skiing opportunities, especially for families seeking to bond on the slopes or trail.
  8. The great whitewater rafting – In addition to the Yough river whitewater opportunity (out of Friendsville and other locations), we have the ASCI man-made course that was the site of the 2014 Canoe and Kayak world championships. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there is an opportunity to take off down the river.
  9. The restaurants and other indoor activities – Not only do we have a variety of great food to greet the palate of almost anyone, but you don’t have to cook it yourself. You can eat healthily or indulge on vacation while you chill with friends and family.
  10. The healthcare ecosystem – This is the only formal health-related listing here. While the others can help us get or stay happy and healthy, we may just need to utilize the services of the healthcare ecosystem.  Whether a massage at the lake, a day at the spa, a quick visit to a healthcare professional or a visit to the hospital, the Deep Creek Lake area and Garrett County have a number of solutions to meet your need.

Well, there you have it.  Mike’s list of the top health-related reasons to visit, or live, at the lake.  I’ve included a few links below to provide another layer of insight and information.  What is your top health-related reason for coming to the lake?  Send me your thoughts at  Have a healthy, happy rest of the year!

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