Grantsville Elementary STARS Class Reads Book Rolling Thunder; Receives a Visit from the Group “Rolling to Remember”

Students in the STARS classroom at Grantsville Elementary recently read the book Rolling Thunder by Kate Messner and illustrated by Greg Ruth. The students also received a visit from the group “Rolling to Remember” on Friday, May 13, 2022.

The author’s note states: Every year on Memorial Day weekend, veterans and their supporters gather in Washington, D.C., for the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom, a demonstration honoring America’s veterans. Motorcycle riders number in the hundreds of thousands. Many more come to watch and wave, all with a common message: “We will never forget.”

According to the Rolling to Remember website, on May 29th, a motorcycle demonstration ride in our nation’s capital will be conducted to raise awareness of the critical issues facing our nation’s veterans and to demand action for the 82,000 service members missing, as well as raise awareness of the 22 veterans who die by suicide each day. The message will be clear throughout…“We will never forget our POWs and MIAs, and we won’t stop fighting for real solutions to the suicide crisis.”

For more information on the group, you may visit their website