Get healthy in 2019 with GRMC Outpatient Services

Is losing weight or just making healthier choices one of your New Year’s resolutions? Garrett Regional Medical Center urges individuals who want better health in 2019 to utilize their vast array of outpatient programs that aim to improve health, wellness and quality of life. Specifically, GRMC offers outpatient programs in cardiac and pulmonary rehab, diabetes education and nutrition counseling.

GRMC Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Center works with individuals who may have experienced heart failure, a cardiac event, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), pulmonary hypertension, lung or heart transplant as well as other lung and heart conditions. The team works with patients to lessen their symptoms, while also implementing strategies to improve heart and cardiac health, ability to perform daily tasks and overall well-being.

“While some of our patients are often reluctant about starting cardiac or pulmonary rehab, they quickly build up confidence, see tangible results and realize we are there to help in all aspects of their lives,” said Miranda Savage, RN, BSN, supervisor of the GRMC Cardiac Pulmonary Rehab Center. “The patients often attribute their success to the fun they have during their session where it doesn’t feel like working out but hanging out with family and having a good time.”

The workout sessions may include walking on the treadmill, cycling, resistance activities and using free weights. Patients also receive education and counseling about their particular cardiac or pulmonary condition, including healthy lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling and access to other resources with the goal of lessening their symptoms and reaching wellness individualized goals.

Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most preventable yet also one of the most prevalent and chronic diseases in the United States. GRMC offers diabetes education programs for Type 1, Type 2, gestational and prediabetes as well as insulin pump training. GRMC’s Diabetes Education Program puts a great emphasis on Type 2 prevention since according to the Centers for Disease Control one out of three adults has prediabetes and nine out of ten do not know they have it.

“We have multiple class offerings throughout the year and we want to continue to elevate the importance of diabetes prevention for people in our community” said Mitzi Wiltison, RN, who is the certified diabetes educator of GRMC’s Outpatient Diabetes Program. “Our class participants will often experience improved blood sugar control, weight loss and overall well-being. I find it really gratifying to help give our patients the tools they need to manage their overall health and quality of life.”

Additionally, GRMC offers Outpatient Nutrition Counseling to help patients understand current eating habits, set realistic goals and follow a personalized nutrition plan. A referral for these services is required by a health care provider. Some private insurances may cover nutrition counseling for conditions such as obesity and heart disease.
According to Ruth Chisholm, GRMC’s registered dietitian and nutritionist, “Medicare and most insurance policies cover nutrition counseling for diabetes and kidney disease and we want folks to take advantage of this benefit to help them better manage their conditions.”

When it comes to better heart or lung health, diabetes education and prevention as well as empowering yourself to eat healthier, GRMC has multiple outpatient programs to help people make healthier choices and improve their lifestyle in 2019. For more information about these services, please call 301-533-4000 (TTY: 301-533-4146) or visit the GRMC website at