GCPS Announces Pilot Program for High School Students

The Garrett County Board of Education recently authorized adopting a pilot program, which will grant permission for students at the high school level to miss two days prior to Labor Day for work-related purposes. The pilot program will permit students to be absent two days the first week of school for work. In order to be eligible, a student must provide notification to the school in advance. The student must provide a note signed by the parent or guardian and verification of work days and hours signed by the employer. Parents and students should note, however, that even though the absences will be approved as a Code 08, both days absent would be counted towards the student’s overall attendance record.
Ms. Barbara Baker, Garrett County School Superintendent, said, “I encourage all parents and students to carefully read the Student Handbook of Rights, Responsibilities, and Discipline in order to familiarize yourselves with the attendance regulations followed by the school system. Pages 1 through 11 outline all facets of attendance. These regulations are important for all families to understand, regardless of whether a student is planning to take advantage of this work option.”
As a reminder, any student whose total numbers of absences exceeds sixteen (16) days for elementary, middle and high school yearlong classes or eight (8) days of absences for high school semester classes shall not be promoted or shall lose credit in those classes.