GCHD Receives Vaccine Shipments Delayed by Weather

GCHD Receives Vaccine Shipments Delayed by Weather

By Garrett County Joint Information Center Team

The Garrett County Health Department is pleased to announce that enough COVID-19 vaccine doses were received on Monday to be able to fulfill all vaccine appointments scheduled through March 5th. No additional vaccination clinics will be rescheduled during that time. Even with the shipment and vaccination delays, 16.3% of Garrett County residents have received their first dose of vaccine, and 6.97% have received both of their doses. In comparison, the state rates are 12.36% for the first dose and 6.05% for second.

Because of the vaccine delivery delays, two COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics scheduled at the MEDCO Building in the McHenry Business Park were cancelled and all appointments were automatically rescheduled for a later day at the same time as the original appointment.

“We are so glad we received our delayed shipments of vaccine and we are back on track to vaccinate those people who have appointments scheduled for both this week and next,” said Garrett County Health Officer Bob Stephens. “Since we needed to move some appointments into the upcoming weeks, when appointment links are opened in the next week or so, the available appointments will be clinics in mid-March and beyond.”

Some of the rescheduled appointments were for second doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Although the recommended interval between the first and second dose of the Moderna vaccine is 28 days, the CDC advises that when necessary the second dose may be administered up to 6 weeks, or 42 days, after the first dose.

Persons who had their appointment rescheduled should have received an email and a phone call generated by the Health Department through the vaccination appointment system. If your questions were not answered by the automated email or phone call, call the hotline at 301-334-7698.

Testing for COVID-19 through the Garrett County Health Department is continuing both at the Oakland Office for persons with symptoms on Monday through Friday with an appointment (301-334-7697), and at the MEDCO Building in the McHenry Business Park (with or without symptoms) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pre-registration at MEDCO is recommended. Visit garretthealth.org for registration information.

Up-to-date county COVID-19 data and other information is available on garretthealth.org. For all other COVID-19 related questions, or to report a COVID-19 compliance issue, call the local COVID-19 Hotline number at 301-334-7698.