GCHD Participates in Research Project

The Health Education and Outreach staff of the Garrett County Health Department participated in a two-year research project on the implementation of Play Streets events in rural communities, with researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Department of Public Health at Baylor University. One of the outcomes of the research study is the Guide to Implementing Play Streets in Rural Communities, which staff members are holding in the photo above.

Garrett County is featured in the Guide.

Pictured from left to right are GCHD staff members with the  researchers: Kendra McLaughlin, Sharon Custer, Amy Ritchie, Linda Costello, Kristen Walker, Christy Thomas, Keshia Pollack Porter (Johns Hopkins University), Sandy Miller, James Michaels, Heather Berg, and Renee Umstattd Meyer (Baylor University). The guide and resources to support implementation of Play Streets will be available August 15, 2019, at www.baylor.edu/publichealth/RuralPlayStreetsGuide and fb.me/PlayStreets4All.