Garrett Regional Medical Center growth brings hospital jobs downtown

Garrett Regional Medical Center (GRMC) held a ribbon cutting April 17th marking the opening of its Health Information Management Department (HIM) at its newly renovated facility in downtown Oakland. The need to move the department from the hospital’s campus on Fourth Street reflects the ongoing growth of the 55-bed acute care hospital, which has seen a nearly 18% increase in Full Time Equivalent positions since 2014.

Approximately 14 people will occupy the new office on Oak Street. The move downtown was made necessary by the planned expansion of the hospital’s Cancer Center, construction of which is scheduled to begin later this spring. With an overall staff of approximately 450 employees, GRMC is one of Garrett County’s largest employers.

“Our hospital continues to grow in terms of the services we provide our community, and the need to shift some personnel offsite reflects the fact that GRMC has had a significant impact on our area’s economy in terms of job creation,” said Mark Boucot, President and CEO of GRMC. “While we’ve seen an 18% increase in full time equivalent positions from 2014 to 2017, that increase is projected to grow to nearly 23% by the end of the 2018 fiscal year on June 30th. That’s about 72 new positions created over four years. We expect that growth to continue as we strive to meet patient needs.”

The hospital’s Health Information Management (HIM) team works with physicians to ensure medical records meet Joint Commission and Health Services Cost Review Commission guidelines and requirements. The staff provides transcription services for the compiling of physician reports, ensuring the reports are available for patient care. Coding staff use the physician reports along with documentation provided by care providers to create appropriate medical codes that allow for reimbursement for services by insurance companies.

“Our HIM team works closely with physicians as well as numerous clinical departments at Garrett Regional Medical Center to ensure the accurate, timely recording of patient information,” noted Mr. Boucot. “HIM plays a key role in striving to ensure that all medical information is coded properly for reimbursement purposes. It’s a very detailed, data-driven process, and our staff does a great job in providing our patients with the information they need, when they need it.”

Approximately 30 people attended the ribbon cutting event, including County Commissioners Larry Tichnell and Jim Hinebaugh, Oakland Mayor Peggy Jamison, Senator George Edwards, Delegate Wendell Beitzel and Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Board Member Phil Rodeheaver.