Garrett County Fire Departments Perform Swift Water Rescue Training on Wisp’s Whitewater Course

The world’s only mountaintop whitewater course, located in Garrett County atop Wisp Resort, is more than just a family-oriented recreational activity at Wisp Resort. On Saturday, August 9, a local effort to provide training for swift water rescue to several Volunteer Fire Departments in Garrett County took place. Deep Creek Lake, Kitzmiller, and Oakland Volunteer Fire Departments were provided time and resources from Wisp Resort on the whitewater course to perform training. Team Technicians of approximately 30 members, who compile the Garrett County Swift Water Rescue Team, performed several rescue techniques, including tethered and untethered rescues, and emergency blowouts, among other standard training.

Opened in 2007, this re-circulating man-made whitewater course has also been utilized for professional and world-class canoe and kayak training, the 2014 World Canoe and Kayak Championships, and hosts several remote-control competitions even without water in the canal.

Fully operated by Wisp Resort since June 2021, Wisp continues to manage all staffing, permitting, maintenance, and local contributions for the course. This unique attraction to Garrett County is something Wisp plans to preserve for years to come.