Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Announces 61 Recipients of Work Ethic Diploma

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce and Garrett County Public Schools presented Work Ethic Diplomas to sixty-one Class of 2024 graduates from Northern and Southern High Schools.

“On behalf of the Garrett County Chamber, congratulations to the 61 students in the Class of 2024 that have earned their Work Ethic Diplomas,” said Holly Lane, Project & Groups Manager for the Garrett County Chamber. “We are very pleased to be recognizing the newest recipients of the Work Ethic Diploma. We are proud of their strong work ethic.”

The Class of 2024 recipients of the Work Ethic Diploma are:

  1. Abbigale Kight
  2. Abe Schilpp
  3. Abigail Butina
  4. Addison Rohrbaugh
  5. Adelyn Taylor
  6. Alexander Knauff
  7. Alexsandra Schmidt
  8. Allie Newman
  9. Arianna Koontz
  10. Ava Elliott
  11. Blake Chaney
  12. Briona Reese
  13. Catelynn Davis
  14. Chasity Brant
  15. Chloe Turner
  16. Cody Cole
  17. Cole ONeal
  18. Evan Baker
  19. Grace Maust
  20. Hailey Wildesen
  21. Helayna Haefner
  22. Isaac Browning
  23. Isabella Ross
  24. Isaiah Keller
  25. Jacob Wilt
  26. Jaden Carey
  27. Joy Curtis
  28. Kaitlin Allen
  29. Karmen Lopez
  30. Katelyn VanSickle
  31. Kevin Shipway
  32. Kolten Mason
  33. Kyle Broadwater
  34. Kyle Schofield
  35. Landen Spink
  36. Laura Huelskamp
  37. Lauren Friend
  38. Lexi Wright
  39. Logan Frazee
  40. Luke Spink
  41. Lydia Nelson
  42. Madeline Allen
  43. Madison House
  44. Madison Humphrey
  45. Madison Thayer
  46. Megan Jones
  47. Molly Nickel
  48. Morgan Sweitzer
  49. Natasha Slagle
  50. Nathan Glotfelty
  51. Olivia Rawe
  52. Paige Reall
  53. Pierce Shaffer
  54. Ryan Bolyard
  55. Ryelynn Sweitzer
  56. Samantha Keller
  57. Samara Goebel
  58. Shelby Mark
  59. Sophia Rankin
  60. Tehya Teets
  61. Zobiana Dillsworth

“Our graduates have learned the value of hard work.  This value will open the door of opportunity in the workplace, which will lead to the discovery of their talents and passions,” said Chuck Olsson, Chair of the Work Ethic Diploma program and Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer for First United Bank & Trust. The employers of Garrett County look forward to supporting their growth as the leaders of our future.”

To be awarded a Work Ethic Diploma, students had to earn a minimum of points in the following criteria: Discipline Standard, Attendance Standard, Absence Standard, Work Experience, Community Service/Internship Project Standard, Overall Grade Point Average Standard, Team Work Standard, Drug-Free (optional), Submit a Resume and complete an Exit Interview.

Students were given the option to earn points by submitting to a voluntary drug test provided free of charge by the Garrett County Health Department. The students with asterisks by their name opted to participate and tested drug fee, which is indicated on their Work Ethic Diploma.

The Garrett County Chamber of Commerce and Garrett County Public Schools launched the Work Ethic Diploma program in the spring of 2018 to address local workforce challenges by creating a pipeline of prospective employees who possess those quality attributes desired by employers.

Thank you to the 32 business partners for their commitment to these students. For businesses interested in learning more about the program, please contact Holly Lane at 301-387-6171

Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Announces 61 Recipients of Work Ethic Diploma at Deep Creek Lake, MD